We did a few round of cookies this year- though mostly stuck to sugar cookies and decorating. Grammy came down one Wednesday and we did some punch-outs with our good friends the Mills. Later we got together to let the kids do some decorating together. Alex and Muma punched out a second set for some more detailed (less chaotic) grown-up decorating with our good friend, Ellen. Us crazy grown-ups started after the kiddos were in bed and finished clean-up around 1am. All in all we ended up with some beautiful, some super sprinkley, all very tasty treasures. With, of course, a few pics along the way:

2 thoughts on “CookiePalooza!!!

  1. A wonderful round of new memories! The boys really enjoyed it without getting too carried away. We ladies got carried away into the night getting them ALL done – so fun, including the Martian teddy bears and sunburned snowman. 🙂

  2. What a special/fun tradition you've carried along Serena. . .now even David Mills seems to have caught the cookie fever . . .pics are really neat. love to all gma, gpapa

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