31 Delights of December

Pic-a-day calendar Dec 2010

  1. Boys watching the first snowfall of the season. Played Sleigh/Carollers/Christmas Party, Watched Cedarmont Kids sing Christmas,  Muma sewed Alexander’s wiseman cape, Wrapped 2+ presents, Alexander decorated his little tree with garland and ornaments & stayed up late with pumpkin bread, Shepherds & Temple Chapters of Christ Child Worship book
  2. Aidan’s first PepperidgeK Loaf. Wrapped a present and played more Christmas Party.  Christmas Music all day.  I had two helpers for our entire KLoaf this afternoon.  Boys took turns stirring, adding ingredients, and even cracking eggs.  Aidan was eager for his turn, and so cute sharing.  Usually he watches for a minute but we had him the whole way through.  We had a lovely candlelight dinner with Papa, and he really enjoyed it.  We were all happy, and that makes today beautiful.
  3. Alexander makes additions to his firehouse. It was a nice family day with Papa home all day today.  We did preps and chores this morning and still had some quality time for present wrapping, lego-building, basement time, camping, bupbum & tickles, and a dozen or so booksAidan got a haircut- he looks soooo cute, and boys had a quiet time before a light supper and heading to A2SDA for rehearsal for the Christmas program next week.  We’ll see if Alexander can sing as wonderfully for a room full of people as he does for his little audience here at home :)!
  4. Christmas in CradleRoll. We’ve been doing A2’s Christmas Program in South Lyon and were blessed enough to get our own tiny room.  Alexander loves it, and we’ve had five (or more!) tykes in class each week!  Sang Christmas Carols at the nursing home after SS today- which Alexander loved.  Muma started Christmas cards at quiet time.  After Sabbath brought pizza over to Jeff’s to eat while hanging out with the kitties.  Aidan loves to chase Anubis all over the house while Alex tried to give Papa a haircut with the pegs.  Later, headed downtown A2 to check out holiday lights, make a present stop, and window gaze at a glamorous Frenchy tree at “La Belle Maison” while Papa picked up an extra surprise for Muma & Alex.  Christmas Light lookout all the way home with an extra neigborhood tour before stopping at ‘the cute house with rainbow lights.’  Aidan asleep, and Alex soon after.  The next four hours we spent setting up our Christmas tree… Can’t wait to see the boys’ smiles and giggles in the morning…er… 5 hours from now…
  5. Alexander tops the tree. Bright and early the boys were up this morning, and the whole family went downstairs to reveal the ChristmasTree Surprise.  “CHEE!!!!” said Aidan with a big smile and pointed finger, and Alexander curled up in giggles.  Papa held Alex up to top the tree with our snowman star, and the boys oogled in twinkling wonder.  Other highlights: setting up a ‘stage’ with backdrop for Alexander to play Christmas Program, Family Lunch, Big Boys/Little Boys go out with Mills, Meet up at the mall for playtime and chat, Bedtime snacks, and Christmas worships, mailed first set of Christmas Cards!
  6. Aidan’s token Ornament We wrapped 3 presents today and took all of the presents to ship and for the big family down to put under the tree.  Alex was so excited to carry them down and put them in their spots.  Then we brought down one present for each boy and Alexander just about exploded with excitement (Aidan had no clue) and the ‘peeking game’ has begun.  During nap I wrote and mailed another set of Christmas cards, and the LEGO order finally arrived (woohoo!)  After nap we headed to Mills for spaghetti supper and help Sammie decorate her Christmas tree.  Though Alex was completely in the mood, Aidan had to be pried away from his cars to do ONE ornament.  He actually had to do it twice so we could take a picture :).  Afterwards, big boys and grown-ups cut some snowflakes, and successfully created a toy & paperscrap explosion to leave at our friends’ house (Sorry M+S!) while we went home to bed :),  after more Christmas worship of course!
  7. Nana’s Beloved Santa Village Tots headed to Nana’s today for some festive decorating and special Nanatime.  They helped her put up her little tree, made finger jello in Christmas molds, and Alex helped hand Nana pieces of the treasured “Santa Village” to set up her snowy scene atop the entertainment center.  Aidan’s favorite was the skating rink turning it off and on and watching the little ‘guys’ go round and round via magnets.  Muma finished up errands and stocking stuffers with a bit of home time before supper out with Nana, Papa & tots at FlimFlam.  After our routine neighborhood light-tour, it was bathtime.  Then after worship Muma cuddled a shivering, feverish, teething Aidan to sleep underneath layers of warmness in his favorite… Muma & Papa’s bed.  Alex was nearly asleep himself after his stories.  Time for blogging, more wrapping, and bed :)!
  8. A Christmastime Supper One thing I love about December is having David home with us so much more.  It’s wonderful to have family meals together.  In the season there’s usually Christmas music playing thanks to either Alex or Aidan and candlelight for the delight of all three boys who like to take turns blowing to ‘make them dance.’  Today Alexander and Papa finished up some of their shopping while I stayed home with a feverish and cuddly Aidan who never left my side.  Alexander also made a lovely glittery Christmas Card and Muma sent out another set as well... 2 1/2 weeks to go!
  9. Winter Snowflakes on Window Today was a strange day without a rhythm like our normal days.  But this morning boys were very excited to glitter their snowflakes that we made at Mills earlier this week.  Even Aidan got into the shaking of sparkling colors.  We taped them to the boys’ window.  Papa discovered a wholes set of Holiday games and activities on the UVerse (cable) programming that the kids enjoyed for a little bit.  Alex helped to wrap his present for Papa, Muma finished (almost) her Christmas cards.  This evening we had the rehearsal for Saturday night’s program… Alex went up front and twinkled his star away, though he made not a singing sound…
  10. The First Shovel of the Season We had “enough” snow today to cover sidewalks and streets and cold enough temps to not melt all day…. so, of course we had to break out the shovels.  Alexander jumped right in as a great helper to Papa- sometimes carrying his heaping shovelful of snow up the entire driveway to dump in the bushes next to the house.  He was so proud of his heaping shovelfuls.  Aidan, who has been clingy, fussy, and on edge all week preferred to spend his shoveling time playing in the car- turning lights on an off, climbing about, sitting in the driver’s seat and pressing all sorts of buttons.  We did lots of prep cleaning for Sabbath, especially transforming the wrapping explosion room back in to a welcoming guest room.  Muma wrapped a few more presents, and Alexander discovered that there are lovely packages in the ‘upstairs’ house of the washer/dryer boxes in that room which sparked a whole lot of giggles and ‘peeking’ episodes. Alex helped muma make meatballs and pudding for supper/Sabbath while Papa carried a very fussy Aidan around in the backpack. Later, boys had more fun playing ‘peeking’ (passing the guard) at the tree and being hauled off to tickle-jail.  Bath and bedtime couldn’t come soon enough this evening… sigh… Happy Sabbath!
  11. Alexander Twinkles It was his very first performance and Alexander twinkled his little star so brightly and indeed even sang for Away in a Manger!   Muma was up there right behind him, and Papa watched with proud heart beaming and camera in hand!  He kept aseagerly asking when it would be his turn, but was a little antsy as we finally waited in the Cradle Roll line to go up.  Of course, Grammy and Grampapa came down to see the special Christmas program too, and though Aidan was pretty fussy to sit so long with all the hubbub, maybe he’ll have his turn next year. Papa took Alexander up for the grand finale (though he didn’t know that song so well), and afterwards we headed over to the school for some yummies and visiting time with Nana and friends.  Wahoooo Alexander!!! We are so proud of you!  May your light always shine so brightly as you continue to learn how to use your talents for Him.
  12. Aidan Loves Snowmen …really, He DOES!  Just not in blowing, cold, windy weather.  Whenever he sees a snowman he bursts out excitedly “nomaaaa!!!”  So we finally got some snow… the good, sticky kind- and we had to get out and enjoy it today before the cold becomes “un-playable” tomorrow.  So play we did- Alexander was so excited to roll his snowball (he made the head), build the snowman with Muma and Papa, and go for some heart-stopping rides on the sled with Papa at the reigns.  Aidan endured some milder rides on the sled with brother and watched Alexander and Papa build for a moment before Muma had pity on his tears and let him play in the car.  But it was a treasure of a winter day. After a super long nap, we toured our neighborhood and a couple nearby to look at the fantastic Christmas lights underneath the snow. Alex and Muma also finished some Linzer cookies, played more ‘peeking’ games at the tree, and read a new favorite, Curious George’s Christmas from Grammy and Grampapa before worship and and a very late bedtime for one little blondy… 13 Days to go and loving every minute of it!
  13. Basement Days One of the boys’ favorite things to do the past couple of weeks is to play in the basement.  Alexander spends many hours playing in his little house– decorating it for Christmas, then packing up his decorations and re-setting them out again… everything from jingle bell “lights” to empty wrapping paper roll “Christmas Tree” in the candle holder “tree stand.”  These are all his ingenius creations; how he can take any object and turn it into exactly what he needs.  Aidan humors his brother from time to time by playing in the house with him, or visiting him, knocking, saying goodbye- but mostly loves his train, pushing it around the track, using the ‘troller’ (controller) to watch it go.  Today was a day in, and we spent quite a bit of time in the basement.  But I did get my Christmas cards done!!! and the package set to ship to Minnesota… and the wrapping is almost done…
  14. The Gingerbread Train After “Tuesday with Nana” The boys and my mom came home for supper, and to do the long-awaited gingerbread train.  Oh what fun we had building the little train with cookie break-aways, frosting glue, candy morsels and a lot of love.  Aidan toddled back and forth between playtime and train for sneaky nibbles of this or that, and a few sticks on frosting glops.  Alexander bubbled and chatted his excitement with Nana along each step of the way, carefully placing each morsel, and making sure it didn’t tip over.  We’ll have to post more pics on this one but they ended up with quite the masterpiece that Alex can’t wait to eat… after Christmas that is!
  15. SugarCookie Punch 2010 Buddies came over this evening– Nana even surprised us– to punch a quadruple batch of sugar cookies, and we had various assortments of boys helping with all the rolling, cutter-picking, placing, scrap removal, and much to mummies’ dismay even dough eating…  Even the little boys got quite into it at the beginning and then peppered in and out throughout the process.  It was a busier day today- got the windshield fixed, errands including basement equipment shopping for David’s storage room finishing, haircut for Alex, kitty-guard, shipment of presents to minnesota (bamboozled!!!), and cookie-cutter pick-up.  Also made the dough for cutting, and of course a touch of basement time showing Nana all the trimmings down there… whew!  now for finishing the clean up and reset for tomorrow…
  16. The Wrapping is done!!! Today we spent some more time kitty-sitting– Aidan enjoyed spinning the desk chair round and round with Anubis looking on safely from the desk.  “Watch, Kitty, Watch!” says Aidan laughing laughing… “Watch!”  We did a massive grocery trip for the holiday bonanzas  coming up with two very good sports riding along in the cart, picking out a few favorites of their own.  Alexander started working on a little present project of his own, and even Aidan got in to some sequin-sticking action 🙂
  17. Alexander’s Stocking grows a bump. A busy-at-home day today.  David had a couple calls out today with praises to our Provider for taking care of our family once again!  Made raspberry jello, and apple sausage stuffing for potluck, 12 bean soup and finger jello for tomorrow night, a bit o’ cleaning for Sabbath with help from SuperPapa, a load of laundry and a basket folded.  After nap, Alex awoke to discover that his stocking had grown a poofy little lump inside.  With giggles and wiggles he got to do a sneak ‘squish-‘ so pleased.  He’s been waiting weeks (literally) to start stuffing the stockings.  Muma took a quick trip to Target for some fun plates n’ stuff.  And of course time for basement play, peeking games and welcome Sabbath!
  18. Nana teaches Aidan the art of cookie decorating. A lovely Sabbath that began with Aidan’s first prayer to Jesus.  He wanted to ‘pray!’ several times during breakfast, and on the third request, Mummy asked Aidan if he would like to pray.  “Yes” he said.  He repeated after Muma– “Dear Jesus, Kank-you… cereal, aMEN!”  It warmed our hearts, and even Alexander wanted to pray then tonight for worship.  Grammy & Grampapa came down for church, SS, and potluck.  It was nice to see the boys playing with all the other children at potluck– Aidan especially is such a social little guy.  After nap, a little playtime and close-of-Sabbath worship, Nana, Grammy & Grampapa began to arrive for the grand cookie deco event, and our Mills buddies a bit later.  After some light supper snacks, a couple handfuls of m&m’s, a few thousand sprinkles, well-frosted fingers, four happily sugared up boys, and several dozen lovely cookies later it was time for the massive clean-up and tuck-in.  One very fun week to go…!
  19. Watching Cedarmont Kids sing Christmas Carols A2 LOVE these videos.  And when we’re not watching we have the music CD in the car to accompany us wherever we go…  Today was a recovery day.  After a rather fussy brunch with Grammy and Grampapa and a 4 1/2 hour nap, Alexander still woke up with a fever of 102.  We had to cancel some evening birthday party plans, and just stayed home for cuddles and tv time.  Aidan is still his normal self- PTL! He got to go for a little sled ride around the snowy sidewalks, mooch leftover soup & scavenger supper, and toodle around the basement.  Still come 8pm, both boys were asleep in muma’s arms after their worship stories and songs.  lovely~
  20. Alexander Crafting Today we took a famly trek to IKEA which is always fun in theory but a little hard on tykes.  They had a good time though when it came to trying out bunk beds, testing the drawer function of various shelving, and of course the kids’ section.  Aidan loved running through the rainbow kid tunnel, Alex whirled about in the little spinny egg chair and of course playing with all the toys.  David has re-organized our storage room and installed peg board and shelves for all the kid parapharnalia we are storing.  So we’re just always brainstorming how to neaten up the basement space and storage… always needing more storage ( or maybe less stuff– that’s hard to say at Christmastime!)  Alexander and Aidan have also been working on some special Christmas gifts…er… crafts.  We’ve also been thoroughly enjoying all the cookies and munchies of the season.  And unrelated, (or maybe not?) David went to his first TaeKwon Do class tonight.  He’s really excited to be back training a bit during these weeks he has more time.  I think he’s just going stir crazy ’round us crazy cats.  Not to worry– there’ll be plenty to do these next several days… woohoo!
  21. A favorite part of the day is the afternoon run to the mailbox and search for your Christmas cards.  We’ve enjoyed receiving holiday greetings from so many of you, and put them all up on our little board.  The boys’ favorites are the ones that play music- which accompany us at some part of every day.  Today boys enjoyed the morning at Nana’s and M&P took some time together to go out and about and have lunch together.  The pm was pretty busy with getting ready for guests, last-minute toodles, and some laid-back family time too…
  22. A2 really get into your gifts! (and we’re sure the presents are nice too…) Today was a nice day for Muma.  While Papa slaved away cleaning house and shopping for the Christmas guests tomorrow, she got to spend the morning at the mall with a couple girlfriends, and came home to a lovely box on the front porch.  Immediately presents were oohed and aahed over, taken out, and boys were repacked inside– with squirms, giggles, and styrofoam scattered all over the freshly papa-vaccuumed front room floor.  Aidan also finished up his ‘crafties’ today, and Alexander worked on his a little more, we had some quality basement play in the newly re-arranged space, and a luxuriously bath…er “pool-time” before Christmas worship and bed.  Thanks SuperPapa for an un-stressful day before the bonanza begins…!
  23. Boys so excited for Winkler Family Gifts. Today we celebrated gifts with Grammy, Grandpapa, Nana, Oma, and Brian.  Alexander was bouncing up and down most of the morning until family began to arrive around 11.  And while adults lingered, snacked and made warm drinks, he so patiently (but barely) contained himself until it was Papa who got things moving and started to pass out gifts.  We were all over and abundantly blessed by generosity all around.  Aidan may have been happy with one or two as after each one he needed to be enticed away from playing with the previous to unwrapping something new & mysterious.  We loved his little expressions… “Oh Oh… WOOOWWW!  Oh Oh!”  Especially when it came to cars and diggers.  Alexander had the process down, and enjoyed opening each one including helping brother and M&P.  Big smiles all around.  We had a beautiful & yummy afternoon dinner with contributions from everyone, and settled in for an evening of toy assembly, play-doh, trains, legos, cranes, remote control trucks, cars, and later a bit o’ Wii for David & Serena.  What a day!  Merry Merry Christmas!
  24. S+D on Christmas Eve. A relaxing and playful morning with family and Grammy & Grampapa.   A light lunch and early nap for Aidan.  A bit o’ quiet time for grown ups to rest and play with their toys :).  A Christmas eve hello & yummy delivery from Aunt Nancy- travelled in from Chicago.  Heading to David’s Aunt & Uncle’s for an annual Christmas Eve gathering.  It was good to see family we hadn’t seen since summer (or longer!), enjoy good yummies, and another lovely meal that even Aidan gobbled right up.  We looked at some old family photos of Michelle’s childhood (which Serena always enjoys), and A2 had great fun with second (?) cousins M&B.  On the way home we were so impressed how Alexander was singing along with each of the Christmas Hymns that were playing in the car.  Little sponges indeed!  We came home for late baths, holiday ‘jammies and Christmas Eve Worship– Baby Jesus’ Story, of course.  Later we enjoyed our own special worship- a tradition of reading from Desire of Ages and an early bedtime– well in order.
  25. Pouring over “Go” Book.  Happy Christmas Sabbath!  We had a ‘leisurely’ Sabbath Morning today, and went to Church with my mom. It was a small Cradle Roll Sabbath School class today and both A2 got to be wisemen– who were so so cute!  After a longer service with a bit o’ meltdown by A1, we headed to Nana’s for a beautiful Christmas Dinner with Aunt Nancy and several guests.  Boys were more than ready for some downtime as we scooted out a bit early for sleeps and quiet time chez nous.  After wake-ups and suppers for boys, we returned to my mom’s for a Christmas evening and gift exchange with Aunt Nancy and kid-presents for Nana’s house.  Alex, happy about more presents and unwrapping to be done, though Aidan once again quite happy with his first couple favorites wanted little to do with more ‘rips.’  One favorite from Nancy was a “Things that Go” book he’s already requested several times since.  We played some very cute Topsy Turtle with the tykes, chatted a bit, ate yet more yummies, and relaxed to even more Cedarmont Kids & their lovely Christmas singing.  We arrived home quite late, but being our family Christmas eve, we wanted to have our special worship on the couch by the twinkle lights.  We read Baby Jesus’ story from the Bible, sang Alexander’s favorite “Away in a Manger” and chatted a while before prayer and sleeps.  I think they were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.  M&P on the other hand (in spite of all efforts to finish wrapping ages ago) had a couple presents to wrap from last minute exchanges.  Then Muma being indecisive about the last, coerced Papa into assembling the little store to present to sparkle-eyed boys coming down the stairs in the morning.  So midnight it was when we climbed into bed, with grown-up hearts maybe even a little more giddy than sleeping kiddos’–  our final family Christmas awaiting us the morning.
  26. Ready for One Last Very Merry Christmas. David took a photo of the clock at 6:45 when three boys woke Muma (they’d already been up for quite a while) for the day to begin.  When Alexander saw his store he was all a-giggle and… just for a moment– forgot there might be something else to unwrap.  Our Christmas was mild and laid-back.  I don’t know if Aidan unwrapped anything at all but played so happily with whatever brother unwrapped to give to him.  David and I exchanged our packages and we also opened kind gifts from family afar.  Most of the day was set aside to play and let kids explode all their excitement (and new toys) wherever they pleased.  We probably ate a dozen ‘ice cream cones’ (both wooden and play-doh) did quite a bit of store set-up, hopped amongst train tracks, truck and car routes, built a couple of designs on the lite-brite, read books, stuck stickers, doged cranes, trucks, and more diggers; and around noon Nana brought over some brunch so Muma (fighting a cold- probably from too many yummies) didn’t even have to cook!  During kiddos’ nap we figured we should neaten things up a bit for our Schaper family coming over, so we attempted to make things at least presentable :).  It was a casual evening of catch-up and conversation over Nana-made chili, bread, veggies & table snacks.  Alex and Aidan showed off their toys and tricks, bopped about between laps, or whoever would play with them, and maybe for a moment- even on their own.  After farewells and tuck-ins, we wrapped up the day with a bit of MarioKart and time to chat… about Christmastime, and baby boys, and  the week ahead, and things that will disappear all too quickly…
  27. Just a day to chill and play. We didn’t worry about much of anything today, the house looks like a toy hurricane ran through it, but such is vacation, no?  We played with the kiddos, or our own ‘toys’ or lounged on the couch.  We ate leftovers and snacked and munched as we pleased.  Even the boys got their share of holiday treats including vitamin boosts so they don’t catch our mild colds.  For dessert after lunch we let the boys eat the gingerbread train.  Alexander didn’t care for most of the candy, but just enjoyed the tear-down process.  But Aidan went right to it… super sugar, extra crunchy?… yummm!  In a final act of boyish fun Papa tossed the train up up up into the air and boys watched it fall with a crash and crumble onto the snowy patio.  Muma thought it looked kindof sad out there and made Papa sweep it up later.  “Christmas treats for birds!” said Alex.
  28. Holiday dinner with Nana and Aunt Nancy.  We considered today the last day of our holiday ‘vacation’.  Last day for snacking and sweeting as we pleased, lounging till noon in jammies, and hurricane house.  In the afternoon we ran some errands and ended up at IKEA for Papa’s long-coveted POANG chair.  An Ikea wind-through is one of David and my favorite little things to do together, though it always turns out to be just a touch too long for boys.  We arrived home a bit later than planned, and boys took a quiet hour in their beds while muma started supper and Papa helped clean the hurricane house for dinner guests.  Then boys got to help Papa put together his chair and play in the basement before family arrived.  It was a nice supper with everyone, with some playtime afterwards and boys to bed on time.  Grown-ups had some good wii fun to round out the evening– a bit o’ fencing demonstration from Papa and Muma, wakeboarding with papa showing off his super-stunts while everyone else tried to figure out what was going on (that was Nancy’s idea), and archery with everyone including Nana who was very good (she took a class back in the day).  I think we’re feeling ready to get back to routine…
  29. That friendly house with the rainbow lights. Another quiet day at home– we just can’t get motivated to get that grocery shopping done!… so Aidan went one more day asking for pears all day.  Though we did start Quiet Time with Aidan today…  an hour of room-time in the morning that we used to do with Alexander for muma’s quiet reading or Bible Study time and to train baby to a)play by himself (though Aidan does this pretty well already); b) use a whisper/quiet voice (definitely not something Aidan has learned yet in church or elsewhere);  c) obey by not going out of the room, or not climbing out of bed should he have to have a time-out there.  It went remarkably well, so well, in fact that Muma is wondering if this scenario will teach him anything at all–  we shall see. Boys took a solid nap and we jaunted to Nana’s after supper to visit with Nancy a bit before she departs in the AM.  It wasn’t a long visit, but we played more topsy turtle, and opened one last present from Nana for her house- a little tent with tunnel!  How fun.  Coming home, we did one last jaunt around our neighborhood to look at lights and ended up home with Alexander’s favorite phrase… “Let’s go check out that friendly house with the rainbow lights… do you think they will let us come in?  let’s go inside and see…”
  30. Lights before Christmas at Toledo Zoo. After much hemming and hawing earlier in the day, and boys waking up from nap at just the right time, we decided to join Mills friends in what we’ve concluded is to become our annual tradition– visiting the fantastic lights display at the Toledo Zoo.  We arrived at supppertime, and with boys’ full bellies embarked upon our twinkling adventure.  Alexander remembered remarkably some of his favorite displays and Aidan was pretty giddy (especially when he got to get out of the stroller) at all the “ite ites!”  With literal “wooo!”s and “look look look, Muma/Papa!”s we strolled down the paths in balmy 45 degree weather wrapped in hats, mittens, snowpants (for boys), coats, and layered sweaters that we eventually peeled off by the time we got back to the car.  Alexander’s favorite he told us when tucked into bed was dancing with the lights that blinked to music– with Muma, with papa, with brother and friends all around.  Aidan’s favorite was either walking the ledge around the icy pond (HUGE grins and giddy stomps), or the big train display beheld with mesmerized stare and the occasional reaching out of hands “have!! have!!!”  We’d forgotten what a fun outing this was.  Alexander was nearly in tears when we told him we couldn’t come back tomorrow night (the last showing), but we’ll definitely be back next year.  Thanks Mills Buddies for the grand idea!
  31. A Familiar View. A busy but uneventful New Year’s Eve for us.  The morning bustling with preparations for Sabbath.  A mid-day repose for sleepy Aidan, ‘delights’ catch-up for Muma, and a grocery outing for Alex & Papa.  We headed to church to transfer our things out of the old SS room to the new one (a large permanent space!!!), and came home for light supper and welcome Sabbath.  We turned on The Nativity Story this evening for M&P while boys played, but Alexander watched the whole thing with us, (with commentary by Muma and edited for content), and Aidan popped up and down from lap to lap.  After bathtime, a last Baby Jesus worship, and “see you next year!”s, boys are snug in their beds, bulletins are printing, Papa is wrapping up his SS study to teach tomorrow, and Muma waits for him by finishing up ‘delights.’  It’s been a fun project, but one that I am happy to see complete.  Alexander really got a kick out of looking at the calendar and completed pictures though today.  Remembering some of his favorite holiday memories with big smiles, and enthusiastic re-telling of this or that event or detail.  What beautiful memories in 31 days of December.  What innumerable blessings in 2010.  Happy New Year!

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