Christmastime Wonderweek- Wednesday

So… I see that the post on Tuesday took even more words that I was expecting, so I thought I’d make a new little box :).  haha!

But Wednesday we carried-on an at least 36 year-old tradition of punching out sugar cookies.  Again, Nana popped in to help with her tradition and we got a few pictures as well.  We returned to a recipe from my Aunt that we’d taken a little break from, so we had to get back into the feel of this ‘new’ dough.  But after several years of super-cookie-paloozas, we calmed it down to a mild double batch and the boys hung in there for well over half of the roll-outs.  We just used our cutters this year, so we missed out on some of Nana’s favorites (houses, wreaths, and bells) but somehow have survived with our assortment of trains, gingerbread men, stars, ornaments and others.

Again, this is a super-fun year getting Lucas into the mix.  He knows just what to do now, and though he gets very posessive of the one cutter that he wants to do in each set, he is in charge of that cutter and does it the best he can!  Aidan’s also wanting to do some of the dough- rolling now too, and of course we have master-supervisor and quality-control-guy Alexander, to make sure everyone’s doing everything just the way it should be.


On the side, David bopped in and out of the cookies long enough to get his picture taken, and then helped work on Alex’s toy soldier costume for the school program the next night.  While I’m more of an eye-it-up and hope it’s perfect kind-of crafter, you can be sure that With David on the job, Alexander’s front button-plate was indeed p-e-r-f-e-c-t.  Measured to the millimeter, matching angles, perfect- thanks to Papa.  He’s handy, he punches cookies, he makes costumes, and he looks great doing it.  David is amazing, Christmas crazytime and always.  We love you, David! Don’t worry, the week’s almost half over!

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  1. Yeah, hallalula NEW blogs 🙂 🙂 and such special ones too. Yes these years will pass by in a blur of time. . . but these entries will be here for nostalgia and lots of return views. Looks like all had great time with the traditional cookie punching Then the deco of Nana’s looked so well executed almost motivates us to do a bit of it ourselves (almost), Sooooooooooooo BLESSED to have such thoughtful, kind, helpful grandsons . . . being brought up to do for others by parents who truly serve our Lord. love to all grammy,gpapa

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