Muma’s Pie, My Pies… but certainly MY pies!

Today was baking day.  Muma embarked upon a festive holiday Apple Cranberry Streusel pie, and was quite certain she’d have at least one helper– for a time.  Little did we know how much fun the boys would have helping with the crust, and that Alexander would decide that he wanted also to embark upon his very own pie.  So Muma let him experiment along with her, quite certain that she’d be finishing the job.  But much to our amazement, and nearly two diligent hours later, Alexander had four ramekin size ‘pies’ toasting in the oven that he had done quite completely on his own.

He’d mixed his own crust (muma telling how much of each ingredient to scoop, add in and stir), put it on the low shelf in the fridge to chill, rolled out four ‘equal’ portions and pressed them into the ramekins, tearing off any overflow to repair any holes :).  His little bowl and cutting board across from Muma’s big bowl and cutting board, he cut his own apples (muma did the first big cut, and helped with about half of the peeling just to save time), cubed his own butter, added self-scooped ingredients into his bowl for Aidan to help stir (Aidan popped up and down between helping/tasting pie, playing trains, and ransacking the living room).  He spooned his apple mix into his crusts that he retrieved from the fridge, mixed streusel topping and sprinkled it on top.  He even made his own little adjustments along the way.  “I don’t think I want cranberries in my pie, Muma,”  and opting out of the almonds in the topping.  But wethinks his most favorite part was the big boy job at the end.  “Alex, because you made your pies all on your own, would you like to open the oven for us?”  He was so excited to ever so carefully open the oven door for Muma to put in the two precious trays, and it was one of the first things he excitedly glowed about when Papa came home just before nap.

The pies turned out a beautiful golden brown, and filled our home with the yum yum yummy cinnamon scent of fall.  Even so, our big boy pie-man still has the heart of a four-year-old.  When asked if he’d like us to have his pies for dessert after supper, he still opted for the snowman ice creams instead.  That’s okay– if they’re anything like the tastes of Muma’s pie we snitched tonight after boys were in bed,  Alexander’s pies will delight indeed.

4 thoughts on “Muma’s Pie, My Pies… but certainly MY pies!

  1. Alex, I am so excited to see you making your own pies! Wow! I cannot even make pie crusts without making lots of fixes. And they look so tasty! Yum Yum! And maybe some day, if he’s interested, you can teach Aidan to make pies too. Maybe he would like to make a cherry pie. You boys are both so wonderful, so smart, and so blessed with the wonderful Mama and Papa you have! God bless you and your family!

  2. Awesome and delicious!!! What an delightful surprise to see them at pick-up time this morning. Alex has a right to be pleased with his baking skills – it tasted scrumptious! Indeed what a blessed family!

  3. What a remarkable child. . . I can’t even seem to get pie crust right! Alexander you have so many born-in talents that God has blessed you with. . . Aiden what a delight you are. . . both boys and the one on the way have the best mumma around to let them learn/explore/experiment/and do so very much to grab life with such ziel/zest . . . what a BLESSING you are Serena to all of us. love to all grammy, gpapa

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