Watch out for the COOKIE MONSTER!!!

This is super-excited Alexander amidst the sprinkles, and ready to mix cookie frosting. He is sporting the other look you might get if you ask him to smile for the camera.
There’s no denying that Alexander is a cooking fiend! He loves to cook, to bake, to play cook, to play bake. In fact one Sunday afternoon we found some Italian cooking show on the Food network and he really doesn’t get to watch TV that much, but Alexander was glued to that television as we have never seen before- it was really funny! But we may have reached a new milestone in the formation of our little chef extraordinaire- the art of baking the cookie.

Serena made 80+ cranberry jumbles for a cookie exchange and Alexander was there with his mixing spoon every step of the way. He even helped bag them with tissue paper. However, he started to snitch some of the cranberries off the cookies so we had to tell him, “No these are Tonia / Ruthie / Sharon’s cookies.” But when they were all wrapped and ready to go, he insisted that all the cookies were for Tonia. (awww- his first little crush!)

So we thought that he would be thoroughly excited to take part in the annual sugar cookie baking extravaganza that has been a childhood tradition in Serena’s family all her life. Nana came over one Wednesday for the rolling and cutting out of the cookies. Alexander was in charge of pushing down the cutters and managing the scrap dough (in which he cut his own little ‘cookies’). Sunday evening we had Regina and Lisa come over to help with the Grand DecoFest. This included the four dozen punch out cookies in at least two dozen different shapes, at least six different colors of frostings and quite possibly millions of tiny sprinkles in every color and shape of sprinkle imaginable.

He had been waiting literally all day for this cookie moment, and wearing the lovely stripe smock shirt you see in these pictures, he delved right in to painting his cookie with frosting (with help from Mama of course) and sprinkling away to his heart’s delight. He topped off each masterpiece with a tiny bite to make sure it was up to par. (Not to worry, his ‘tasted’ cookies had their own plate and were not mixed in with yours!) When he was tired of being neatly restrained in his high chair, he hopped from Nana’s lap to Mama’s lap piling the sprinkles on anything frosted you put in front of him. He had great fun, and finally retired to the bathtub for a good scrubbing from Papa. (Papa later decorated two cookies- in 3D!: the I love Christmas heart, and the I like Christmas heart, which Serena accidentally threw on the floor later on…) It was an event not yet forgotten. He even talks about ‘cookie dough’ in his sleep sometimes. Oh my- now if only Papa would let him eat more of these dilectable treasures… maybe for Christmas, Alexander… If you’re good.

3 thoughts on “Watch out for the COOKIE MONSTER!!!

  1. Alexander is so intent on this cookie thing. . .so much fun for him. All these experiences have really helped him be so advanced beyond his 2months. Look forward to doing some cooking soon with you Alexander, , , much love to all gma gpa

  2. He was absolutely the most excited little fellow when I arrived to do cookies: all flittery and talkative, just about ready to turn inside out. (both times) By the time we got everything out and the basics of mixing done, he’d calmed down and was thoroughly involved. It’s so much fun to pass along the tradition. Looking forward to many cookie sessions with Mama and the boys. (maybe we’ll get Papa to try a few more).
    Love ya! Nana

  3. What a wonder you are, Alexander! You have so many God given talents that you are just now learning to explore and build. An artist, perhaps? Definitely a chef, probably a pastry or dessert chef. And I'm happy to see the cookie tradition continue; it was always such fun, as kids, decorating cookies. You have Easter egg decorating to look forward to, yet! You are a blessing, Alexander! And you, too, Serena, David, Lynne, Michelle & Mike – so much love in this family! Nancy

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