Winkler Family Christmas

It’s been a joyful season, and really a Christmas week for us here. Monday before Christmas Grandma and the newly named “Grandpapa” came down for a present preview and to take Alexander on his very first sledding run! Mama was sick so she wasn’t able to go, but Grandma took some pictures for us of the momentus occasion. Alexander wasn’t too fond of the snow in his face, especially at the stop at the bottom of the hill, and being a little speed-freak it surprised us that he didn’t have more fun, but he got a good three or four runs in before the crew headed back home for some warm-up time.

But he’s certainly been enjoying some very special presents that Grandma and Grandpapa brought down- a very fun little ‘tent’/workshop, his GeoTrax train and airplane and some more people, church, park & cafe from the MainStreet village set including his favorite, the “bide & goom.” David has reluctantly accepted that fact that he has had to relinquish the main nook area in his newly refinished basement to Alexander’s toy multiplication. But now, more than ever, Alexander loves to play in the basement, hopping from toy to toy. Oh what fun!

For Christmas day, we drove up to Brian and Renee’s in Spring Lake for le grand evenement with Nana and Oma as well. It was fun to be with family and see all Renee’s fun and festive Christmas decor. The tree was piled high with presents, and a festive table set for lots of soup, sandwiches, and yummy sweets. It was fun to exchange presents and celebrate the day with family. Though Mama was barely recovering from a nasty fever, and Alexander was a bit buzzed from the fray, he opened a couple presents and was happy to play with his toys away from the hubbub, to return to opening after the main event was over and things were a bit quiteted down. We took a lot of pictures and have posted a few here but you can find more on flickr.

2 thoughts on “Winkler Family Christmas

  1. Indeed, it was a joyfilled season! Alex really does notice each new thing and want to just focus on that item. I enjoyed setting up some of my decorations with his help and appreciation. He knew all the Nativity persons as we went through the story. The Santa village and photo ornaments, the snowy globes and birdhouse; even the towels seem to delight him.
    Thanks Brian and Renee, Mike and Michelle, for the festive fun. Grandma Erna was quite jolly as well. And the men will have many toy joys ahead, I’m sure. And thanks to Serena her hospitality though sick and for creating these.

  2. What a FUN time it was this holiday season. Family time together, good health (for most of us :0 ) and probably too much food. . . but especially wathing Alexander enjoy sledding and new toys. . . amazes us how quickly he figures things out and how they work and/or go together/come apart… love to all Gpa, Gma

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