Seventeen Months

After weeks, months of silence- for our own notes and memories, we wanted to post just a few of our favorite things about our little babe turning boy, Aidan.  From One to Two is by far a favorite age (though we don’t have much to compare it to yet!) and little Aidan’s wonder and pure iridescence is simply radiant to us.  His vocabulary is exploding- every day new words that just pop out of his mouth.  His self-delight and awareness; his gentle, cuddly, loving, and also independent nature; his affection and admiration for Big Brother; and complete personality and entity of his own have warmed our hearts to bubbling over.  Not to mention that he is most absolutely adorable.  So for you, Aidan- for Muma- for our family, we remember just a handful of your treasures at Seventeen Months:

  • You are forming a real love for books, and will plop yourself down and pull a book (then another and another) off the shelf and look at them, sometimes ‘reading’ them to yourself- even sometimes upsidedown.  You have your favorites, Z is for Zoo, B is for Bear, Animal Hide and Seek, Bugs, Digger books, All the “Priddy” Books, and you know some of them by heart- page by page you can tell us what you see, and the animal sounds that go with them.
  • Animals- you know your sounds, and they are sooo cute coming from your little voice:  elephant (eeee), monkey, dog, camel (you blow- not spit), bee, pig, duck, …  and probably a dozen others.
  • Every fruit to you is an ‘appoo’.  Not an apple, Aidan- STRAWberry… “Sabee”
  • I couldn’t even type all your little words- but a few favorites, “bapoo” diaper, “mukey” monkey, “wawa” water, “yummmmm!”,  “oooohhh, woowww!” (whenever you see something you really like, or your plate each meal), “buh” bread, “dow”, “ooot”, up, off, on, Tatou, “Tatou, dow!” (If Tatou is somewhere she shouldn’t be), go!.  And of course- train, car, bus, digger, “upay” airplane, Little phrases with intonations that sound like: door’s locked! (as in ‘uh-oh! dodleoh!’), wa-ooo (where are you???), There it is!, Here you go!, And all the little times you just come up to me and talk away in perfect intonation with your own little language knowing exactly what you are saying and I am completely lost except to smile at everything as perfectly adorable as you are… 🙂
  • I heard you even said a version of Happy Birthday to Grandpapa the other day.  And when I asked  you- “Did you say Happy Birthday, Aidan??”  You pulled a big smile- “Yeah!…” and curled into my shoulder.
  • You laugh- and you laugh, and smile, and you love to smile and make little jokes that I can’t begin to explain.  You love Muma’s silly faces.  You love to take funny bites at mealtime, or pop out and surprise us.  You are so happy, and so contented in almost every situation.  You love to play, and you love to give hugs, and we love love love your joy.  Oh little Aidan, that you wouldn’t lose your joy!…
  • “You’re so vain…” we could sing to you as you prance about in front of any mirror you come across.  Giggling and laughing at yourself, playing with your hair, even tossing a ball to yourself, or peeking around the corner- surprised and all grins.  Either learning about what you look like, or not so sure who that kid is laughing back at you.
  • You have jumped into our little family rituals with both feet!  Crazy family waving and lingering “good-bye!”s from upstairs window or porch, as Papa drives off to work each morning.  Running full tilt to the door calling out “trash guy!” to see the trash/recycle/compost guy stop by (up to 6 times- or more with false alarms- every Monday.  Picking out your own book for nap, requesting your favorite plate for a meal, and loving finger jello “jello!!!” or yogurt for desert.  You take your shoes so proudly over to the blue bench and then turn with big grins to receive Muma’s praise and hugs.
  • You’re proud of your own little jobs that we give you- though you are also still learning to obey, and come when called (grrrr).  You love to give Tatou her treats, bring something special to Muma upon request, or take something to the trash.
  • Oh how much you love your brother, Alexander.  You want to do what he does from tricks to drinks & snacks, to running and playing, swimming, bath-tub splashing, and even owie-kisses. But you are your own.  You don’t necessarily play what he plays or have the same interest in projects or kitchen time… yet, anyway.  But you’ve learned so well to share.  Signing ‘please’ by rubbing both hands over your belly (though you can say it sometimes) and wait patiently (or sometimes less so) for your turn, then returning it to him after a short time.  These moments are so lovely to watch.
  • …because we do have the loud obnoxious moments too.  But they have been a point of prayer for us, and as we see you using more and more words and becoming more patient or asking for help, your once tempestuous squalks of frustration have become more rare.  But when you don’t want to leave something you love, or be interrupted to get dressed or have your diaper changed… yes, you let us know well.
  • You’ve also made us smile to see a ‘typical’ toddler in our house- pulling out half a roll of toilet paper, wandering off to find you scattered all the blank CD’s across the guest room floor, turning off the network router or moving the time ahead on the light timer… again…, and dropping at least two toys in the toilet for Muma to dredge out with scrunch nose and sanitize.
  • And then we have Papa’s personal favorite- the happy, joyful “Papa!” accompanied by the pitter-patter of feet each time our own family hero walks through the door.
  • You love cars, every car and form of car on wheels.  You drive them for what could be hours along the couch, the sandbox, the Lego land.  And maybe the only thing that you love more than your cars is the GeoTrax Train, which once you play with it in the basement, you carry with you for pretty much the rest of the day.
  • You are so proud of the little ‘tricks’ you can do- ‘upside down, Aidan,’ flips over Muma’s knees, and your little can’t-yet-get-off-the-ground jumps you execute with such flair:  a couple quick steps, a super smile, “jup!” you say, and do a kindof calculated high-step, ‘landing’ with a super cheesy grin and giggle.
  • You love your routines, but are also laid back enough to just go with the flow.  But bottles are still a favorite at afternoon nap and bedtime.
  • Binky and swaying with Blankie over Muma’s shoulder may quite possibly be your most favorite place on earth.

Oh little Aidan, for only a snapshot of the things that endear you so tightly to our hearts, I could write and write.  And my, how many moments this summer have I wanted to make a point to record the perfection of a certain instance, a sunshine morning, a heartwarming moment- and how few times did I take the opportunity to do so.  Yet I know no words, pictures or books, even video that can capture the radiance of these days, but the simple bubbly, joyful gift of you.  How great is our God!  What a treasure He has given to us in you.