On the Fourth

[Text February 2013:   In case you hadn’t noticed, our little blog here didn’t move much between July and oh… December. Things have been crazy, and fun, and crazy fun. But as some of you know I was working on a photo a day project which was a lot of work, but well worth it with some beautiful pics and memories all stored up. And while I kept on top of all the daily pics, now I get to fill in the spaces… of events, and stories, and stories written but never posted… so from time to time, as I wrap up our 2012 book, I’ll put some of our pages up. I’ll drop them in here on top, but probably move them to their right spot after a while. So come visit every now and then.   I’m so excited to hopefully wrap up this 2012 project before the spring and summer fun begin all over again :). enjoy… :)!}




















(yes, not centered… but positioned correctly for our book… tee hee can’t wait )