Christmas at the Henry Ford

12-1-2014 Henry Ford (9)


We’re already wrapped up in the Christmas Spirit.  Our house is decorated the tree is up.  The boys have their Christmas train running around their winter village.  Alexander’s school nook has been transformed into a Cradle Roll Nativity Sabbath School.  Today’s Advent Calendar Card was their Snowman Sheets card– so they are wrapped in warm snowy flannel at night.  They are just counting down the days now, and reveling in the charms of the season.  Today, Alexander didn’t have school so we took the afternoon off to a favorite stop, The Henry Ford.  Three boys were super excited and we headed straight back to the trains, with a photo stop first at the tree, of course.  We found that their model train was in its Christmas dressing, and the Lego City was back in town.  Aidan loved finding Lego vehicles and pieces that we have at home in the town.  Alex was pointing out places he recognized from last year or around Greenfield Village.  Lucas was just watching- relatively unamused.  But the highlight of the day was a display that had tubes, pipings, and other parts that you could build a marble run along the wall with sticks and tape.  Alex jumped right in enthusiastically winding pipes and pieces in a down-the-wall maze.  Aidan got into the mix slowly but soon warmed up to the creations and had quite the contraption twisting down the wall.  Both boys were eagerly changing and improving their runs which twisted around each other.  They were so happy and  working together to watch their marbles make it down the maze.  Lucas was thrilled just to keep going and bringing more parts.  “Me go get something alsh?”  He kept asking until we had a pile of parts at our feet.  (It was Muma’s job to give them to the boys or return them to the table.)  Then Lukie got the idea that the little pipes were his nose.  “Why me nose keep growing and growing, Mama?”  His little voice is so cute.  He would trade nose for nose and ask each of us about his nose whenever he had a new one.  It really was a fun afternoon.  A bit of a rushed evening as we stayed longer than expected.  We had to throw in a hot dog mix at the end.  Each boy taking turns to be a hot dog and getting eaten by the rest of us.  So Lukie and Aidan fell asleep in the car and transferred to the couch.  Muma cooked supper and got the boys to wake up by letting them watch a Chuggington and eat supper on the couch before darting off to gymnastics for the evening.  A good holiday start to the month of December.  Love these boys.

12-1-2014 Henry Ford (17)

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