Unlock Revelation

It has been a whirlwind month as New Beginnings along with 200 other locations in Michigan and across the Lake Union embarked on a special series of meetings entitled Unlock Revelation.  David spoke for a similar series in 2014 that took place at a dozen locations around metropolitan Detroit, but now with billboards, mailers, radio advertising and consistent marketing across state lines, over 4000 attended the meetings at various locations, and our David was blessed with the opportunity to present once again for our New Beginnings congregation.  There were 18 seperate presentations going over topics such as: Revelation’s Signs and Wonders, Revelation’s Lake of Fire, and Revelation’s Reward.  We’ve had a great turn-out at our location with interested and seeking guests.  Our own church members have been so wonderfully supportive throughout the seminar.  From the Healthy Living Team’s snacks and hospitality, the smiling faces of the welcome crew, to just a genuinely kind friendliness to the guests, as well as overwhelming generosity and support to our own family during such a busy time.  The meetings were held four nights a week, David took dozens of evenings off work and the boys and I tried to attend as much as possible, juggling gymnastics schedules and late-nights.  But Alexander attended nearly all of them and ran the sound for David and for the event.  He was so excited to be able to be the sound guy, and he brought in his own equipment that he’s been saving up for and purchasing over the past couple of years.

David has felt really blessed to be able to serve the Lord in such a passionate and truthful way.  It’s been inspiring to see the Hand of God working at so many locations.  We’ve heard so many stories coming from across the region as to how God is working in the hearts and lives of those truly seeking Him during these rapidly changing times that we live in.  While we still have many interested guests coming to worship with us as we transition back to our Sabbath schedule, David feels that he has received the greater blessing, stretching his mind and spiritual muscles through the Lord’s work.  David certainly has a heart for the spreading of our mighty God’s Bible truths, and we thank the Lord for this awesome ministry opportunity for our family.  We pray that God will continue to use David, Alexander and all of us for His name’s honor and Glory.

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