Another Sweet Season!

This was yet another amazing Christmas season. We did so very many wonderful things it is hard to put into a little post all the delights these boys wrapped into such a festive bliss. But here are just a few of our favorite moments this December:

Punching out Christmas Cookies: It’s always a favorite. We thought we’d do it extra early this year so that we’d have lots to eat & share… but we didn’t actually get to the decorating for quite a while. Oh well… fun all the same 🙂

Joining a Parade: We accompanied the Belleville SDA church on their lovely small-town Christmas parade. Alex and L had worked on fixing up their amazing float earlier in the week and now we got to parade through all the lights shining for Jesus with glow tracts and sweets.

Build-A-Bed: Fieldwork united with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to build 300 bunk beds for children in the community. Here Alex, Lucas, and Papa help with some of the sanding. Check out this post for more details on this day for fantastic service.

Lukie’s First Practice Meet: On the same day as Fieldwork, Lucas had a mock-meet at gymnastics. He looks so very dapper in his uniform. He loves gymnastics with all his heart. Bravo, Lukie! You’ll always take 1st place in my book!:

Oreo Cookie Deco: These sweet friends came over for cookie decorating- Oreo style. We made them for the caroling goodie bags, and they turned out just amazing. (and yummy). The prettiest ones were art pieces… and then there were some we didn’t pass out! 😀

New Recording at Camp Au Sable: Alex was invited to help with the production at Chef’s cooking program up at Camp. It was a great experience and amazing food to eat at the end.

Cardmaking: We returned to Nana’s for some cardmaking for the goodie bags this year. It was a fun night together crafting to share Jesus love with others.

Decorating Nana’s House: The boys have always loved putting up Nana’s Santa Village, and even our teenager still has the spirit. We’re thankful to be able to celebrate another Christmas with Nana in good health

MJA Christmas Program: Aidan and Lucas participated in their sweet school Christmas program. Lucas and his two best friends were shepherds and Aidan was another Bible character/student. Their skit showed students putting on a Christmas play and leading their teacher to Christ. We loved all the music. Thank you Lord for Adventist education!

New Flooring: As one of the last steps in our kitchen remodel, we got new kitchen (and entry, bath, & laundry room) flooring! It might have been more exciting with less dust and X-mas disaster. But they sure are beautiful now!

MAG meet: Lukie’s first big meet where Level5 took home 1st place. woohoo! Lukie’s got some work to do, but he wins our hearts everytime.

HBD party, Lucas! He and some of his favorite friends celebrated his big 1-0 at Sky Zone. Check out this post, and wish him a happy day!

Let the Carolling Begin! We headed out with some of our school friends and favorite people for an evening of singing Christmas carols to our church members and neighbors. It was lovely to bring some holiday cheer and the love of Christ to some who really needed some extra care this year. And it’s always fun to serve with friends!

Let there be Light! Don’t these lights on Nana’s house look amazing? Thanks Alex & Muma!