perfect delights at 10 weeks

David took a fantastic 5-day weekend this weekend, and it’s been just wonderful and relaxing. Yesterday Alexander was just smiles and giggles all day so we had to take a moment to capture his little joy on film. The pictures do him no justice, his smiles just light up the world- but here’s a taste of baby Alexander’s delights to warm your heart.

4 thoughts on “perfect delights at 10 weeks

  1. It’s almost as enjoyable to googoo over these cute pictures as it is to hold and cuddle my grandson. I can almost feel his gentlness and smell his sweet baby smell *unless any of these a ‘fulldiaper smell* g-ma, g-pa

  2. He is so cute!!! I can’t believe he is already 2 months old. Once I get moved in I hope to get down there and see him sometime this summer. Take Care! Karen

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