Cutest Little Cruiser in Town

And he’s off!!!! Well, he’s been “off” for a couple of weeks now and it’s taken us this long to catch up with him on the blog! Alexander is on the move! He now officially crawls fast enough to keep up with the kitty when she’s trying to get away (unless she’s on a full-tilt run of course!). The week before Grandma came he earned his freedom to explore the kitchen and dining room and has been thoroughly inspecting corners, crevaces, windows, and tupperware cabinets. He cruises (walking by holding on to anything he can) by the couch to the chair, to the windowsills; from his little table from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson around the cupboards and dining room chairs. (Usually earning at least one “NO! Don’t touch the Kitty food” and one “No! Trash can – blech!” along the way) We got for him a little “walker” that he loves to push around and feels so cool and proud of his little independence- that is until he crashes into something and then grunts his little displeasure at the unmoving object. Steering is apparently not his specialty (he must get that from his papa). He’s such a delight to watch, and with each new discovery and development lights up into such contagious smiles, and head bopping excitement. It’s nice that he’s able to entertain himself a bit more, but certainly keeps us on our toes, and unfortunately makes necessary for more frequent cleaning of floors, windowsills, appliances etc… But what is a home without little fingerprints everywhere, eih? He may not have won the Gap Baby photo contest, but I do believe that he has been officially declared the cutest little cruiser in this town! Can we get a college fund for that?

5 thoughts on “Cutest Little Cruiser in Town

  1. No question…he’s not only the cutest cruiser in town, he’s the cutest cruiser in the state of Michigan! Hands down! Or on the ‘frig or the cupboards or wherever they happen to land next…

  2. *** ***
    @ @
    \ / That’s an
    \ } / ear-to-ear smile
    \___/ (minus the ears & head)

    /\ /\
    / \_/ \
    { )
    \ Lotsa /
    \ luv /
    \ ! /

  3. Have know idea where he gets such cutness from . . .must be genetic though look at the great genes he comes from 🙂 Must be doubly hard to be firm and say NO to such an adorable smile . . .

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