Babe to Bethlehem

The other day we took Alexander for little stroll through Bethlehem. Strangely enough it only took about 15 minutes to get there and there must have been something special going on in town because there were so many familiar faces everywhere we turned. It wasn’t until the gossiping salon lady stole our baby and gave him to the produce merchant that we realized that we hadn’t landed in Israel but in the gymnasium of the Ann Arbor Adventist School. It certainly had us fooled! We’d paid our tax in gold and written our names in the census. David had played the rope maker’s games, and we’d shopped amongst others the basket maker, perfumier, and weaver’s wares. Alexander had been quite fascinated by the shimmering, jingly neckpiece they tried to sell to mama, and we were just about in a tizzy after being bumped by a bumbling leper when the familiar voice from the produce station called over to us. Lo and behold- there was Nana! Could it be? How did she get here? It took Alexander a moment to recognize her with her lovely pink head scarf before he turned all a-grin. Reassured that no leprosy would befall us, and quite relieved we were closer to home than we expected (we’d heard all the inns were full), we thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our journey through town and applaud the magnificent production put on by our Ann Arbor church family and friends.

One thought on “Babe to Bethlehem

  1. What a wonderful event to expose him to. All these learning, growing times . . what a blessing to the Lord he is, and will be as he continues to grow. Gpa, Gma

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