“First” Easter

We’re not really Easter people around here, but this year, we thought a good game of seek and find would be a fun little project for Alexander. He was pretty cute trekking round and lighting up at the pretty colored eggs around the basement play room. One in the house… One in the walker… One under the couch… We did learn a few things about one-year-olds at Easter:
  • Plastic eggs, while not as pretty or as arty, are best for toddlers who like to crash them together in their excitement of finding them.
  • Eating plastic grass in the basket is more fun than looking for eggs
  • Bouncing on the trampoline is more fun than looking for eggs
  • Crashing eggs together and throwing them is more fun than putting them in the basket.
  • Peeling the shell off one egg and squishing it in your hand is more fun than looking for new eggs.
  • Looking for four eggs is fun… looking for nine eggs is not.

We’ll keep these things in mind the next time around. Or maybe we’ll celebrate spring when it’s actually warm outside and we can go to a park 🙂

Into the basket.. yea!!! | click click… CRUNCH.. hahahaha!
Mama restrains Alexander from taking the eggs out while he puts the last one in.

In this last picture, Alexander is preparing to peel the egg while ‘bouncing’ on the trampoline.
In subsequent events, the egg was split in half and smushed all in his hand.

3 thoughts on ““First” Easter

  1. Oh what a smile, laugh, enjoyable time we had reading through and seeing these pictures 🙂 Didn’t happen to get any video clips did ya??, Alexander has such enthusiasum (gma can’t spell well) at everything he does— gives us such enjoyment in sharing all that you post on the blog. And yeh David, when will the basement blog get an update?? love ya all gma,gpa

  2. P.S. Speaking of basement, when are you going to show off your beautiful, 98% finished basement, David? L

  3. Oh – SO funny!!! I got my healthy dose of laughter from this one. Serena you should get something published. You’ve got a flair. Love, Mom

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