A New Bed in the House

With the new little one on the way, we’ve been a bit indecisive as to how things are going to work out sleeping-wise for these two brothers. Will they each have their own room, and we’d lose the guest room? Will they share a room? Would it be the bigger room with more space or the nursery? Should we buy a toddler bed for Alexander and brother would sleep in the crib? After much scouting about, pricing everything out, and talking over all the options, we finally decided last weekend that it might be best to let Alexander keep his bed, and check out something new for the baby. Though Alexander liked the idea of a ‘big boy bed’ we think he thought he would have to sleep at the store because he was so averse to trying anything out and he kept saying “no bed- home!” But when he got to see little buddy David’s new toddler bed, he was very excited to be able to climb out and in, so we finally figured we should take the chance and see what happened when we took the rail down from his crib.

Well– he was ecstatic. “Own,” he’s been saying. “Zahzah’s Bed!” ever since. He loves to climb in and out and crawl under his quilt and cover up with all his “backies” (blankies). He insists on having this little pink pillow in the bed though he doesn’t use it, and likes to make his bed every day by arranging his quilt and putting all the stuffies at the foot. He stays in bed just fine throughout the night and still calls us to come get him in the morning. Sometimes when he wakes up after nap he’ll come out to his door and open it and call for Mama. The biggest challenge was at first getting him to still have quiet story and ‘settling’ time for nap in the afternoons because he’s been too excited wanting to hop right into bed.- to play of course. But now that he’s getting more used to things, it’s working itself out.

With the success of Alexander’s bed we found a good price on a beautiful used crib with mattress on Craig’s List and last Friday, Alexander was very pleased to help put together “Brother’s Bed.” We still don’t have any decisions on where brother will be sleeping (hopefully in the basinnet in our room for the first little while) but sometimes Alexander seems happy to “share” his room, and sometimes he wants brother to sleep in the guest room. (Alex calls it the “wrap room” ’cause we wrapped all the presents in there at Christmastime). So we’ll see. But here are a couple pics of the newest little bed assembly for baby brother.

2 thoughts on “A New Bed in the House

  1. Oh, are you so lucky that he likes sleeping in his big boy bed! And even ‘makes it’ in the morning! There will probably be some wanting to keep the railings up when little brother comes, but he will soon fall into the role of big brother soon enough. He’ll probably even want to sleep in the same room with him! Nan

  2. Alexander looks so ‘big boy’ in his new bed. Glad he is staying put at nite and for naps. . .Lets see what the next one brings hee hee hee. Love gma, gpapa

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