january projects

Alexander and his “pretty smile” with a letter for Grammy & Grandpapa

We like to do little projects from time to time and did a few fun ones this month- especially around snow and snowmen. Alexander loves to paint and he loves to use a gluestick. He’s okay at coloring at least for a little while, especially if it’s coloring in a picture, or when he creates his own, he gets to stick some stickers on it afterwards. This month we also wrote a couple of letters- and because he always has so much to say, he’ll even dictate some of what he wants on it and then he’ll point to the paper and say it again if he doesn’t see me write it down right away. He repeats every word I say as we write. I’ve noticed that in these past 22 months I am accumulating quite a craft folder for Alexander, and at this rate storage may come to be a problem by say, age 5. So I made an effort to scan (and merge) some projects to post to our little family journal. Of course you can tell where mommy gets to help (okay, I did most of the snowflake but isn’t it pretty??), but he has his part in everything from smearing the glue, placing pieces and pressing things down, folding, and putting the letter in the envelope, to stamps and rinsing his brush when he’s done. What fun we have :).

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  1. Yes we were quite 'tearfully' blessed to receive a letter and colored picture. Alexander you are quite the 'craftsman' and mamma has quite the talent to help you along. . . must have come from many years of her own mamma's creative expressions. Think I still have many of David & Brian's projects of childhood, though couldn't say were. Anyway looks like great way to spend some 'in-door day time hours' Love gma, gpapa

  2. I love his angelic looking photo and what cute projects! Plus that’s a terrific language experience!! Mama’s having as much fun as Alex; isn’t parenting fun?! Enjoy all the ages and stages. You know now Nana’s going to be hoping for a letter sometime too. 🙂

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