Sleepy Needy Little One

We call Aidan our needy little sleepy baby. Even in the womb he’s always been jumpy and he flails his arms and startles easily- just always seems a little insecure. Alexander was far from a sleepy or needy baby, and we don’t really mind having one this time around, though we’ve been trying to respond to him and watch better for his signals to help him earn some confidence in us. I suppose part of it is just being a newborn, but Aidan absolutely loves to be held, and many times will cry simply because he’s not in someone’s arms- awake or asleep. When he falls asleep in your arms, he peeks out of one eye periodically- we think just to make sure you’re still there. Or sometimes he’ll just hold on to your shirt, your collar, your hair- anything so you can’t put him down easily. Muma’s gotten so that he’ll ride in the sling in the mornings so he can sleep by someone and Alexander still gets a quiet breakfast at a reasonable hour. We’ve been trying to cut him a little slack and not push him too hard too early as maybe we did for Alexander (he was on a schedule by like 2 weeks) but we have lately given him a couple of ‘settling lessons’ to help him learn that it’s okay to be alone. They are usually pretty loud with comforts from Muma every few minutes.

The one place Aidan loves to sleep, and sleep well he does, is in our bed. He settles right down and snuggles right in under the covers and barely makes a peep. David has this theory that if he slept in our bed every night he’d sleep right through! He’s just so adorable in there all snuggled in! Fortunately, he is a good settler at night, taking his nighttime feedings happily and settling back down in his crib next to Muma quite well. But we’ve posted a couple pics of our little sleepy one just because he’s so very cute :).

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  1. hey how did I miss this posting too. 🙁 Aidan looks so peacful and bliss. Probably dreaming of when he'll have a 'big' bed like this all his own . . papa looks quite the part too catching a few zzzz's love each and every blog posting. gma, gpapa

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