big giggles and excitement for his birthday present

oh little alexander… what a happy third birthday you have had this year!  we celebrated your very special day amidst a dramatic week of fevers and coughing and coddles for muma and two boys- to various degrees.   but you knew it was a special week and pulled through for two most funtastic celebrations.  thursday, after your excitement opening muma & papa’s presents, and your very special dinosaur, Daz, from nana, we met with your little buddy, david, and his family for some adventures at jungle java.  you were very excited to explore all your favorite tunnels (we’d been there once before), slides, and climbees.  papa joined you, muma joined you, muma and papa came through together.  even grammy climbed up with you for a bit.  but you had great fun in the kiddie side too, hanging out with jonathan and little aidan who mustered enough energy to play just a bit semi-quarantined from the other kids.  you were spoiled by grandmothers with macaroni & cheese and chicken fingers, and by muma with your little elephant straw cup.  and before we left, we climbed one last hurrah with little david and miss sammy.  you even got to stay up late to have birthday cake when papa got home.  you were so cute singing to yourself and having a little hard time blowing out your candles even though you’ve done it so many times before.

big giggles and excitement for his birthday present Alex and Daz get to know each other Birthday Hugs from Miss Sammy Family up in the jungle

after a couple of extra days for muma and aidan to mend a little more, your birthday party day came.  saturday night we were up until 1 in the morning (that is very late, you know) hanging streamers, stringing little fish (miss sammy cut out some very cute little fish for us) and papa frosted your sea turtle cupcake cake, and did a mighty fine job we thought.  our “big blue ocean” was swimming with family late sunday morning.  we had tuna and egg salad sandwiches (you had one triangle of each), pasta salad, veggie tray, pretzels, chips, goldfish (of course– they’re one of your favorites!), and later fish finger jello.  you played go fish with grampapa, and later your favorite elefun game (well, elephants have to go somewhere to get a drink 🙂 ), and a reluctant round of slippery fish (aka hot potato), where winners little david and miss sammy got to take home a blow-up turtle.  you received so many fun presents including trucks and felts, puzzles and books with cd’s, blocks and even some money ‘for the bank.’  you were very excited about your birthday cake and loved the singing.  you blew out all your candles right on que since you had such good practice, and picked the orange and yellow super frosted cupcake right in the middle.  you said it was very good though muma noticed that though the frosting was all gone, most of the cake was still there.  most of the grown-ups had ice cream too (neopolitan since you asked for strawberry, and mint, cause papa likes it!), though you said it was ‘too cold.’

well, we’ve reveled in the afterglow of decorations and new-toy excitement all week, and as we finished up the leftovers and took down the decorations for sabbath, and as we say our favorite things about each other around the table, you can be sure, alexander that streamers, balloons, fish, and playgrounds aside, you are our favorite three-year-old ever.  oh alexander- happy birthday to you!

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  1. Just LOVE the video clips. Pics are pretty great too. . . Alexander (Aidan too) you are sooo veerrryyy blessed to have ‘God Fearing’ parents. They are doing such a wonderful job raising two very precious sons. Your spirit is being shaped and formed to be gentle, kind, loving, and ohohoh so very joy filled. Our prayer for your 3d birthday is that you stay on this pathway. We enjoy each and every moment sharing in all your milestones. Love grammy and granpapa

  2. And, Alex, when you get older and read this, remember Muma has been kind of sick lately and very busy so her capitals and periods haven’t been there in her writings, but you need to put them in your writings. OK? Love from your school teacher Nana 😉 Love to Muma too.

  3. What fun celebrations we had with our delightful 3 year old. Alex, you are blessed with so much love. I pray that you will soak up all this love and let overflow to others by being so kind. Happy birthday, my big boy buddy!!! Lots of love to you. Nana

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