One year for Aidan

It has been a very special week for us, as our little Aidan celebrated his very first birthday with a grande celebration last Sunday, and an encore cupcake on his official day. Saturday night Nana and Aunt Nancy joined in the decorating as we hung up banners and poms, frosted birdie nest cupcakes, and glued little tassels to party hats.  And Sunday, family and close friends joined us for a little birdie celebration for our ‘tweet’ little Aidan.  We had a couple pine-cone bird feeders for Alex and buddy David to make (though Mom’s ended up doing most of the work).  David fired up the grill for a barbecue chicken lunch amidst other yummies with much help from Grandmothers and Ellen.  There was chatting and so many kind gifts, and of course a first serving of cake for the little one.

When seated he began to cry at about halfway through his birthday song, but recovered just long enough for Muma and Papa to help blow out his candle.  Then, with one lick of the sugary frosting, all tears quickly faded and the finger lickings ensued.  Muma showed him he could take a bite of the cupcake and face first, he delved for bite after bite until every last crumb was cleaned off his tray.  He was very serious about that cupcake, and licked his tray clean.  He must take after his Papa on that one.

  • His birthday was a little event in itself.  We started the morning at IHOP, where he got an extra special birthday banana and a few presents to help keep him occupied.  Alexander gave him a fun little O-ball and Muma and Papa gave him a new and very special blankie.  Aunt Nancy and Ellen joined Nana, Serena and 2 kiddos for a Toledo zoo day.  Aidan’s favorite were the monkeys, orangutans really, as they put on a fantastic little family show.  “Brothers” playing with mama and papa trying to sleep.  the littlest one climbing low and high, and big brother jumping into the snuggling action.  Aidan was laughing, laughing.  When we arrived home, he had a few last presents from Nana including Jumbo the elephant,  and clothes from Muma to open.  He finished the evening with another birthday cupcake- this time getting into the whole smashing into his face bit such that we had to dump the highchair outside and sweep everything down.  After some favorite sandbox time, and a bathtime scrub, he fell asleep exhausted in Muma’s arms, completely unaware of how special this day had been to us.

    It’s been a hallmark year with so many treasured moments, delightful firsts, and indescribable wonder at the development and discovery of an entire new little personality in our world.  In short he is simply amazing to us.  Lately Muma’s just begun working on pulling the blogs and photos into our family album of his first year.  Looking back on so many memories and stages, and how quickly time passes and how acutely awareness, skills, words, personality form out of simple sleepiness.  It can only stand testament to the wonder of God’s creativity, His infinite wisdom, and beautiful delight that our heavenly Father must take in each one of us as we grow- not only physically- but in knowledge and understanding of Him and the marvels of His own character.  Oh little Aidan, as the world ever expands around you and your little wings take flight- may your greatest joys be found not of this world, but for heavenly treasures above.

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  1. What a special day it was too. . .glad to see the pics reminds me again of Aidan’s unique qualities. . . the food/decorations/fun times hard to be out done. . .but know will be cause you are just sooooo very creative Serena. . . a true blessing to all your ‘guys’ love to all grammy, gpapa

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