Little boy in a big big bed

last moments in his original crib

Muma and Papa have been talking about when and how to move the boys out of the nursery and into a new & older space for a while.  But as the past several nights Alexander has been complaining that ‘he was too big for his bed’, we’ve been considering a big-boy bed solution as more of a sooner thing than a later.  This morning from the moment Alexander heard one of Muma’s spontaneous solutions he couldn’t let it go.  And so the transformation took place today after lunch.  After two hours, a whirlwind house that included moving Aidan’s crib, transforming Alexander’s toddler bed back into a crib for Aidan (we’ll take the rail back down when he’s ready), re-arranging the room, setting up Muma’s old college bed from the basement, bringing out some very special truck sheets we’d gotten for him a while ago and a brand new quilt on supersale, Alexander was so pleased with his new super bed.  It’s pretty tall for him, he has to step up on the frame or take a jumping flop, but he loves it… so far.  Bedding was being washed this afternoon so he took an un-sleepy nap in his sleeping bag on the bed, and after supper we put everything together, Alexander helping every step of the way. Then of course, he had fun piling on the stuffies in all his new space, and taking his inaugural jumps.

aidan runs back and forth excitedly in his 'new' crib

Aidan was pretty geeked about his ‘new’ crib as well.  Running back and forth, back and forth and twirling around and asking to get in and out in and out.  In the end, the boys ‘baby’ room still looks refreshed and cozy with a big boy twist.  Their snowflake lights, lite brite in the corner, and new arrangement make for a sweet little space that will bide plenty of time for still-little guys.  Muma was a little sentimental to see her tiny tot #1 leave his crib for good, but pleased to see his excitement about something new and big.  Besides, Muma is happy to share her cozy bed with you, Alexander but you may find her snuggling with you from time to time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Little boy in a big big bed

  1. A new bed for a big boy! Alex, you’re a really big boy now, getting to sleep in the big boy bed. And so thoughtful, giving your old bed to Aidan, so he now has a bigger boy bed now too! Your room looks so cool now and I hope you both have lots of fun in your remodeled room. Are the snowflakes you made still on the windows? Love you!

  2. What a great bed for a big boy. I love the spread; really goes with the room colors. Glad Aidan has a new bed for him to enjoy as well. Many sweet dreams for you two sweethearts.

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