A Family Easter

It so happened that everyone had the weekend off this year so we headed over to Nana’s for some Easter Sunday festivities.  Nana cooked a lovely brunch with her favorite egg casserole, hash browns, fruits & yogurts, links & patties, juices of various flavors and a lovely setting.  Muma and Papa ‘hid’ some eggs and a couple of baskets outside for the fun of finding.  Alex scampered from egg to egg and is quite the good hunter.  Aidan was pretty excited at first, then took a break in the middle to snatch up a last couple more before all was said and done.  Oma held the gathering bag when baskets needed an emptying to find more eggs.  We took some family pictures, and later Alexander hid a few egg sessions of his own around Nana’s house for the grown-ups to find (along with a few other treats grown-up treats from Nana).  It was a good family morning with lots of treasures, loot, and goodies to bring home.

Later in the evening after boys’ naps and revival, we played around our yard– hiding more eggs for each other, and Alexander learning to climb our tiny pear tree in the back yard– he sure is a little trick & climbing fiend these days.  And Aidan just loves to follow Brother around and try to do everything he does.  They’re so cute together.  And it promises to be a fun and busy week– can’t wait for more… 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Family Easter

  1. It was so great having a crowd again! Loved doing the brunch and hiding/hunting with giggly excitement in both. This is such a precious age! And Erna/Oma seemed to enjoy being the egg depository as well as getting her special treat. She’s delightful at the other end of the continuum. Love family times – Winkler and Schaper!

  2. Yes Easter was a delicious day of fun fun fun with everyone. They way you did this blog posting is really creative. . . pics are great. . . with family like we have can only say what a deep blessing it is spending any days/holidays/events sharing time together. . . love to all grammy/gpapa

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