Binky Free and a Big Boy Bed

Well, after a few delays, we’ve finally followed through on our promise to get rid of the binky ‘when you turn two.’  It was mostly Muma who’d done the hemming and hawing, mingled with a week of sick toddler (how could we take his binky when he was sick???!!!).  But after a couple stories from friends and watching their binkies drop one by one– it was time.  With a couple days warning, the morning finally arrived where we gathered all the binkies in the house, put them in a special bag, and took them out to the trash guy (the trash guy is a very special guy in our family)  The first day was pretty rough, but he quickly picked up a favorite red metal car to be his new sleepy time snuggle, and we heard very few peeps from that point forward.

Ever since it arrived, Alexander’s bed has been an Aidan favorite.  He’d been falling asleep in brother’s bed for a few weeks while Alex finished his special story and worship time, so a treat for being “a big boy now” was a new big boy bed.  Grammy had bought matching bedding that we had on-hand, and when all was delivered and set-up, Aidan was one pretty happy camper.  It took a couple nights of extra snuggles to adjust, but we’ve since established a routine and he’s happy every night to ‘go to Aidan’s bed’ and ‘climb in self’.  Alex enjoys trying to jump from bed to bed, and setting up each boy’s ‘camper on their respective bed, and even on occasion helping brother make his bed to surprise muma.  It’s only a little sad to see our friendly little nursery growing up so quickly, and our not-so-baby Aidan taking such big boy steps so early.  But it’s also nice to know that he’s still small and enjoys his snuggle time just as much as ever- and now as he can ask for it so often– maybe even a little more so than before.