four boys for fun

This week we had a couple of our favourite little friends hang out with us for the day.  It was an action-packed day indeed, and thanks to the gorgeous weather, we were able to spend much of it outdoors.  David was able to hang out with us until close to lunch time so we embarked early out to our neighborhood playground.  Big boys took turns fixing the broken quad as they rode double to perhaps no destination at all.  Little boys had super fun on the swings, crawling through the tunnel, and climbing around.  Later little D and A1 trounced off to explore a rock trail in the thicket, followed shortly by two curious little brothers.  Each of the four took turns picking up their ‘favorite rock’ (the next one closest to them), to show David and I, “Look at this one!”  Then a bit later.. “This one looks like a …” When we’d thoroughly disassembled the drainage system, we had the boys pile the rocks back on the trail and headed back for a little more playground time before snack.  Four tots around the little kids table with applesauce and crackers was definitely one cute pic I missed.  We all made some banana bread together and then spent a bit o’ basement time before lunch.  David had to depart but with boys very busy in the basement each one with a ‘troller’ running trains and planes around the track, lunch actually went pretty smoothly with a lively conversation and only a few reminders to keep eating.  And there was banana bread for dessert, of course.


After clean-up it was back outside with the crew.  Sweatshirts and long-sleeves were eventually cast aside for sandbox time in the summery air and bouncing between mowers (love the pic of the two boys putting more ‘gas’ into their mowers), mud-pie sink and water table.  They were completely entertained for almost two hours.  After changes of clothes, yet another drink break, four stories– one pick by each boy– in a little circle, and potty breaks & diaper changes it was time for nap.  Everyone seemed pretty whipped, but big brothers revived to lounge on the basement futon and watch some Mighty Machines, while little brothers became all too absorbed in their babbling conversation upstairs in crib & bed.  So much so, that I had to move Aidan to our bed to give J a chance at rest.  Later when I heard little Aidan’s feet starting to pad down the stairs, I rocked him shortly and put a half-asleep babe back into his crib to join his friend in slumberland.


Sleepless, Alexander and his buddy were up to do some big boy stuff while tots slept on… painting and play-doh were big hits, and when everyone was revived, we finished up the day in the living room with diggers and cranes, blocks, ‘debris’ and dump-trucks–  a little boys’ paradise while I worked on supper.  Things got a bit delayed and we weren’t ready to eat when Mr. Mark arrived, so we didn’t get to do supper together, but the boys really had a great day.  Each did a great job sharing and looking out for each other.  J was so kind to trade without a fuss or squabble when we were taking turns or there was a dispute.  Little D. even volunteered to help sweep under the table for me so we could clean up and go outside faster, and of course then Alex wanted some helper-praise too and came running to get the dustpan.  (No complaints here!)  Even Aidan with his after-nap fussies seemed to revive quickly and jump back into all the fun.  A phone call came minutes after departure that little D. was completely zonked in the car– so they must have played well :).  It was a fun day, and after our little tykes were quietly in bed after baths, stories and rigamaroll, I sat on my duff and watched some House Hunters International and was to bed not so long behind them… whew… so what shall we do tomorrow?


3 thoughts on “four boys for fun

  1. Wow what a fun/action packed day it was. . . you should open a day care ha ha ha. . . glad the weathe cooperated to give all the out-door time. So glad your boys and you/david have such a rich friendship with the Mills. . .

  2. What a great day for buddies to play! These tykes are having so many great experiences both together and otherwise thanks to your wise parenting. It’s so “divine” how God’s orchestrated the friendships. May all of you continue to be blessed to serve as He leads. Love to all. Nana

  3. What an awesome day!!! Thanks for the pics. The boys still talk of their special day with the Winkler’s. Thanks so much for having them over.

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