Speed, Brown and Family Fun– all for you, Little Two

Aidan woke up from his nap in his typical groggy, clingy state, so as a birthday treat Muma took him downstairs to have his gummies and watch his favorite video “My Favorite Pets” in hopes that he’d come upstairs his chipper self ready for partytime!

Indeed.  With Grammy and Grampapa, Oma, and Uncle Brian here for fun and play, he was especially excited to show everyone his cake.. little “Speed” and “Brown” cars on a Oreo-crumble road through the grass.  Yes– it’s a stretch, but Aidan understood and loved it and that’s all that mattered to us :P.  🙂  We had a meal of his choosing (between choices muma gave him of course), Grammys Pepperidge Farm Patties– made by Papa!, Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower, Cars Mac & Cheese, various snacks, red and blue Jello Stars, and “Blue Juice”– berry blue Kool-Aid (yes, I know…).  I think he was a little bummed out that his favorite patties were served with a ‘yucky’ mushroom gravy, but with his fill of other yummies, his tummy certainly didn’t go empty.

He opened a round of wonderful gifts from thoughtful friends and family far and near, a special finale being a red pedal-fire-truck– “firefighter” he calls it.  And we topped off the dinner with cake and ice cream– he chose the “Speed” cupcake of course.  It was just a laid-back event and good times once again with some of our favorite people.  He’s spent the weekend since basking in the fun of new toys and lingering decorations, that of course Alexander has also been enjoying.

Aidan is our little sweetheart, and we’re truly looking forward to seeing what sparkling surprises he has in store for us at two.  Bright, observant, independent but still snugly, and so very social– I know God has a good work and purpose set out for his life.  Our prayer is that as parents, we might continue to mold his character, his spirit, that He would continue to learn kindness, obedience and most of all to fall in love with his Creator and follow Him all of his life.

2 thoughts on “Speed, Brown and Family Fun– all for you, Little Two

  1. Those car clips are such a cute touch! You find/make such creative accessories, Serena! I review the blogs and keep noticing different things.

  2. He is such a treasure and the gathering (“not a party”) was delightful. He did seem to relish the idea of it being HIS day and was happy to show the decorations. The car molds worked out great esp. with Muma’s decorating talents! Glad Brian could come too. May God continue to guide and bless Aidan and all of you.

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