Our Favorite Cookie Monster EVER!

Happy Birthday, Papa!  On a whirlwind Sunday we celebrated the fantastico wedding of two good friends and came home to a house full of family for a birthday celebration for our amazing David.  Months prior when planning Alexander’s celebration I happened upon this website with some pretty cute cupcakes.  David just loved them when he saw them, and since he actually said he really liked something that much- I had to make it happen.  So, with some baking help from my baking buddies and masterful critique from two lovely mothers, and marvelous sprinkling talents of our own Alexander, we came up with some pretty cute cookie monster cupcakes for our resident Cookie Monster himself.

It was a light celebration with soup, sandwiches and sides, topped off with monster cupcakes and ice cream, and (of course) presents in between.  And though the Tuesday itself was a bit uneventful we did get out for a date night to see another David favorite– Kung Fu Panda 2.  Who says getting older means you have to grow up?  We love you, Papa!  Happy 29th birthday… again :)!

One thought on “Our Favorite Cookie Monster EVER!

  1. Couldn’t say it better myself. . . little boys don’t ‘really’ grow up they just get older and find a marvelous/wonderful partner who can let him be the boy-man-papa he’s meant to be. . . soooooo very blessed to have all these family gatherings. . .especially with those we get to share them with. love to all gramy, gpapa

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