2011 Christmas Program




Alexander and Aidan joined the Ann Arbor crew this year for their annual Christmas program.  Alexander was honoured to dress up as a wise man, and Aidan made his debut with his brother at the grand finale song (he had rehearsed the Cradle Roll songs, but came the day he slept right through them… teehee ).  Alexander did a grand job presenting his little line, and with the help of Miss Sammie behind the scenes, he was a trooper throughout the many rehearsals and sang his little heart out for all his songs.  Even Aidan learned the songs, though was a little less enthusiastic to sing them with everyone under the lights and scrutiny of so grand an audience.  All in all, it was a great program, with lots of cute moments and even some thoughtful lines in the midst of a children’s skit.  As so many missed the Messiah’s first coming, are we prepared– will we be one of those to miss His second?  May we be one of the faithful few found waiting for His soon return.


for some reason most of our videos lost their sound… but here’s a link to one of the grand finale song

2 thoughts on “2011 Christmas Program

  1. Was so extremly BLESSED by this years Christmas program and especially impressed at how well Alex knew the songs/program. Thrilled that Aidan woke up and felt well enough to go up for part of the program. . . looking forward to 3 little Winkler boys participating in years to come. And ditto on Nana’s comment on hope they continue to keep the JOY of Jesus in their hearts. love to all grammy/gpapa

  2. You did a great job, Wiseman Alex. And, Aidan, I’m glad I also got to see you up there in the finale video. I so much enjoy you boys singing of God and Jesus not only in a program, but so frequently in your day to day life. I pray you’ll both keep the joy of Jesus in your heart.

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