2 thoughts on “p.a.r.t.y. weekend! Celebrating 3 and 5 in the “construction zone”

  1. these captured memories will be cherished by us when we can’t remember as well (oh think we are almost there 🙂 what a splendid / fun time this year’s birthday event was. Ditto to Nana’s comment the boys are blessed by 2 God-loving/fearing parents with so very much ‘spirit-led’ parenting. . . not an easy endevor this day and age. . . love to all

  2. What awesome memories of these highlights of life! It’s fun to revisit and catch little details I didn’t fully notice at the time – so many little genius touches in the decor and food. I loved creating the house building craft and so glad God helped me adapt along the planning stages to make it manageable and fun for 3s & 5s. You are blessed, my beloved grandsons, far beyond the presents.
    Also, it was so great to spend the afternoon with all the clan at Mike and Dee’s for Trent and Lexi’s open house. Their house is so country-homey. Love the pond, ducks, country air and space, the renovations, and of course the family. May God lead us all into His Way, Truth, and Life.

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