Christmastime Wonderweek- Christmas Program Sabbath

Last Sabbath evening was a special night for Aidan as he took part in the Christmas Cantata over at the Ann Arbor Church.  To be honest, this program has been a little bit of a struggle for us.  Last year, I didn’t have the children participate in the A2 program, partially because of scheduling, and partially because Aidan (and Lucas) were so young, and Alexander was doing his school program.  But this year, I gave Alex the choice (he opted not to) but put Aidan in the play even though I knew it would not be his cup of tea.  I wanted Aidan to have his own little moment to shine.  I knew that he’s not one to need to shine, but I knew that he could be in the little group of shepherds, and he likes to sing, and I knew that at the end of the night he would be proud of himself and feel successful.

12-13-2014 Aidans Christmas Program (19)-LR

Indeed making it to the late-evening rehearsals were a bit difficult, and he was quite scared and uncooperative.  But I knew he was learning the songs because he was singing them around the house.  Nana worked with him on the Finale song at her house one Tuesday, and the one very challenging song that we were told he didn’t have to go up for, was the one he really latched on to and sang around the house!

When the evening program came, he picked Papa to be his buddy and Papa helped him get his costume on.  (I think he liked it because he got to wear a green headdress.)  Papa (and Alex) got a seat right behind him in his shepherd row (I sat farther back with Grammy & Grampapa, and Lukie) and was there for him all along the way.  He was pretty nervous and meek waiting for things to begin, but he knew when to go up with his row,  he sang the challenging “Noel, Noel” song, and even one he’d never even rehearsed!  He certainly wasn’t belting out the notes, but he sang right along while spinning his shepherd’s rod round and round.  He looked so adorable up there in his costume with his little friends.  When it came time to chorus his lines with the other shepherds, he did just fine, and then with the crew, walked/hopped/skipped his way ‘on down to Bethlehem.’  He was the last in the line and bravely fixed up his little belt right away when it started to fall.



12-13-2014 Aidans Christmas Program (65)-LRs  12-13-2014 Aidans Christmas Program (58)-LR  12-13-2014 Aidans Christmas Program (40)-LRs

After his main shepherd part, I hurried to the back to gather him up with hugs and smiles.  He got to take off his headdress, and we fixed up his belt.  I carried him back in to meet with Papa in the back and he was just beaming in our hugs and encouragement.  Aidan likes quiet praise rather than booming excitement over him.  He was definitely in a more excited and less nervous mood waiting for his finale numbers.  His little Adventurer friend, Isaac put his arm around him in the second to last number to encourage him.  It was so sweet.

12-13-2014 Aidans Christmas Program (89)-LRs

Aidan really was a trooper.  He definitely was outside of his comfort zone, but did a fantastic job and looked so adorable.  I think Alex had some regrets that he didn’t opt-in when he saw all the production, and had picked up most of the songs from Aidan anyhow.  He said he might do it next year.  In all, it truly was a beautiful program- one of our favorites that A2 has put-on.  The spiritual emphasis beyond the simple retelling of the Christmas story made personal applications relative to the choices that we make today, and Mrs. Smith always has a beautiful way of bringing so many children (and adults) together to worship and honour our Savior as we remember the meaning of His birth this time of year.  We’re so proud of you, Aidan.  May you continue to stretch and grow and bring honor to our Savior throughout your childhood, and throughout your life.