Three Cheers for Lukie!

Lucas turned three this happy December.  He’s been waiting for weeks to be a ‘new number.’  He was really excited for his birthday but I don’t know if he really understood what to expect.  We put up his decorations on Thursday night, and when he went downstairs, he was a little overwhelmed- almost shy about it being his birthday.  But pretty soon he warmed up to the idea, and as it was a half-day before Christmas break, we picked up Alex from school and then headed home for Lukie’s birthday lunch.

This boy loves Cars,12-19-2014 lucasturnsthree (5)-LR as in “Speed and Mater” cars.  So he picked out some plates and little decorations that we set-up all festive for him the night before.  He came down to his birthday deco all ready for his birthday lunch.  We planned his favorite meal; penguin chick nuggets, “favorite noodles,”  carrot sticks (with ranch), and grape juice.  Nana popped over for the event and we had a grand little lunch.

After lunch, we took a break for presents12-19-2014 lucasturnsthree (34); some castle blocks, glow dough, new little Disney diggers, books, little cars from Grandpa and Grandma J. (who called at the perfect moment as he was opening their gift), and a new RED (his favorite color) big-boy carseat.  He was pretty excited to open his presents and had two very good helpers to make sure it was done right, and quickly.  He had fun playing with the family favorite big red bow, and bounced between wanting to play with what he’d already opened and wanting to open more.  He was so charmed with each gift and as always is so very good with his thank-you’s.  We love your little thankful heart, Lucas!

12-19-2014 lucasturnsthree (51)Muma and Papa decorated a little Cars Cake for him, and he was quite impressed.  He even blew out two of his candles on his own!  (and got a little help on the third)  Of course, with his cake and ice cream, he really only at the frosting, so it’s a good thing we put as much on as we did.  Lucas really loved his birthday, he felt special all day, and loved his birthday bedtime song with giggles and silly faces.  He’s such a little cheese and wished Muma a happy birthday periodically during the day too– just happy to share his wishes, I suppose.  ‘No, Lukie, today is your birthday!’  ‘Is me birfday?’ (followed by silly face).

We are just so in love with this little guy.  It’s hard to see him grow up so quickly.  Two was such a precious age for Lucas and our home, I’m sure the Lord has big adventures for this boy this year, and we ask for your continued prayers for his walk with the Lord, that he might continue to grow in kindness and truth in these precious tender years.  We love you, Lucas!  Three cheers for you!