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3-15-2015 birthday sunday (40)-LRs

We have an EIGHT year old in our house!  And since we’ve been all a buzz this spring about Camp and summer plans, he requested a Camp birthday theme for his big day.  I wasn’t quite sure how that was going to work out, but with some help from our Playmobil set-up, and some crazy crepe papering, we figured out how to set up a campy table under a beautiful ‘tree.’  Alexander had been giddy for weeks about his birthday, and wanted more than anything to help us decorate, but we also knew he’d like the surprise, so indeed early Sunday morning, we trundled downstairs for him to soak in every detail and treasure it all in his heart.  David constructed a “Camp Alex” entry banner like his favorite Camp, and we built his cake up with Kit-Kat Walls like the Fort.  He really liked everything and throughout the week would tell us his favorite thing about his birthday was… (and it changed every time).

alex 8-1_s

Grammy and Grampapa were able to come down for Adventurers in the morning, and afterwards it was celebration lunch with Nana and the family dining on an Alex picked-menu of what else…? Macaroni and Cheese and hot dogs of course!  He was super excited to open his gifts, and was very excited for birthday money as he’s saving up for a new computer.  (David’s found a couple of refurbished ones that will do him and his presentations just swell).  It’s been so much fun watching Alex grow and define his interests and talents more and more.  God bless you, our little Alex as you adventure along with Him.

(this article sat in draft mode for 2 years- recently published ‘unfinished’ as is: 8/2016.)