Matthai Botanical Gardens

1-30-2016 matthai (11)_LR

This weekend Alex and Papa were up at Camp AuSable for the Father/Son retreat.  So since we had some time today as a little crew, we tried to make Sabbath extra special with a winter afternoon outing to one of our favorite nature destinations.  Weather was warm, we almost didn’t need a coat, and we were super warm in our sweaters in the conservatory.  The boys’ favorite part was running through the maze-gates, which we did for quite a while, but we also made a little scavenger hunt list for ourselves before we went, and we found almost everything on our list… in one form or another that is!  And of course we had to get a couple shots of the boys as well.  It was really a fun time with these little ones.


For worship the boys drew their favorite part of the outing and had to think of a Bible story/verse/object lesson to share to go along with their picture.  I was so impressed with what Aidan especially came up with.  He drew one of the flowering bushes with red flowers (our sins, he says, and I added the covered in snow part, but he said that bush inside wasn’t covered in snow– point taken !), the sun (Jesus is the light of the world and shines on us and warms our hearts), The ‘dormant’ fig tree that we passed (the lesson Jesus taught about the cursing of the fig tree), and the big rock we were building with sticks around (that we should build our house on the rock).  Nicely done, Aidan!  Lucas drew five daisy flowers in his garden and said that Jesus loves us.  We talked about the flowers wilting here in winter from sin and he reminded us all that they won’t wilt in Heaven.  I love that our little worship wrapped up our day and that the boys participated with joy and more ideas than I even expected them to come up with!  And it’s so nice to get out in greenery even in January!  A blessed Sabbath indeed!