Aidan digs being six!

4-26-2015 aidans 6th bday party (34)-LRAidan turned six years old this spring and he’s definitely enjoying the spirit of his birthday.  He wanted another ‘digger’ theme this year, and since he is such a Lego fanatic, we thought we could merge the two by bringing up all his favorite diggers for some table decoration.  David created this ginormous ‘crane’ to hang the balloons above the table, and re-purposed the wooden gate for a construction zone sign.  Aidan was all grins to come down in the morning to see his celebration set-up.  Alexander had created a running PowerPoint presentation with some favorite pictures of his brother running on the tv, and Aidan just darted about exploring his little construction world.  We’d even brought up a bunch of diggers and blocks from the basement for the boys to plow around midst big orange balloons in the living room.  Of course, later in the day we had our typical birthday crew on hand for a small family celebration, and Aidan really enjoyed his day in the spotlight.

aidan 6ext_sTuesday- his actual birthday he was up early and ready to open Muma and Papa’s present.  A big box with several smaller wrapped packages inside.  He thought that was just great.  He’d opted for a special day with Muma, so while Lukie enjoyed a special Tuesday-Nana’s-House, Aidan and I spent most of the day building Legos and playing together.  When we picked up Alex from school, we also swung by for Lucas and then headed to Pump it Up! for an hour of family jumping (with Muma and Papa too!), followed by his favorite supper at home- Muma’s Pepperidge K Loaf, peas and carrots, noodles and salad from Nana.

aidan 6-2_s

Aidan always gets so excited for his birthday and this one was just super special.  Six is a hard year for me as it seems to be the wrap up of littleness into medium sized-ness, but I know Aidan is ready for this big step.  He’s matured so much in the last year and has gained a lot of confidence even since January.  But he’s still my reserved little one, and as I recently read a blog/book page from so long ago, it reminds me that his little nature has been his own since he was a wee one.

But Aidan has a sweet, kind heart for the Lord.  He loves to read his Bible in the night if he can’t sleep, and I love our spiritual conversations, and answering (or trying to answer) all the questions he has about it.  He pours over maps and charts about Bible and history, and loves to learn about things in ancient times.  Lately he’s been asking a lot of questions about heaven and the end times, and he and Lukie will just randomly sigh and say, “I can’t wait for heaven, Muma!”  Pray for these boys that their love and curiosity for the Lord and spiritual things will never fade.  Pray for Aidan and his strength of character, a brave spirit, a joyful heart, and continual development into a strong, noble, man of God.  We love you, dear Aidan.  Happy birthday to you!



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  1. Whoa. I forgot to write on this earlier. Goofy Nana. I love the happy pictures of you above! You are so handsome when smiling and laughing. It makes me smile too. Your more quiet and focused moods are also a special part of your personality I love. You really concentrate when doing Legos, or a puzzle, reading, listening to Bible stories on CD, or “watching”. You and Lucas have a good time with the trains, planes, and cars characters at my house as well as playing in Alex’s or your house/camper constructions. You’re a fast runner and even won a gymnastics class event. Playing games together with you is fun as well as a bit of phone time, and especially story time. At the end of your six year summer you’ve been quite interested in the Titanic and could tell me a lot about it. You are a treasure, a child of God, and a much beloved grandson, Aidan. May God guide your steps and give you love overflowing to others. With googles of love wrapped in ribbons of hugs and bows of kisses, Nana

  2. We have so enjoyed each and every year of growth and exploration by this amazing child. Aidan you light up our lives with your kindness, gentle spirit and enthusiastic engergy when it comes to building legos no matter how many pieces you stay with it till the task is done. We remember well how easily you put many piece puzzles together at only age 2. You are so kind and helpful to your little brother and such a good buddy to him and bigger brother too. We will continue to pray for God to lead your spirit in all his ways. Love you soooooooo very very much gramy/gpapa

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