2018 Pathfinder Bible Experience

This year was Alexander’s first year in Pathfinders. He was so excited to join, and with his large class coming into the club, the PBE team was super excited for all the new recruits to join the ranks. There were so many, in fact, that two teams were created, and we had very little idea what we were getting into. It turned out to be perhaps the highlight of his year. The books the crew studied were Daniel and Esther; Alexander’s specific chapters in Daniel 4,6, and 7 with backup chapters Esther 1-4 and Daniel chapter 8.

The books the crew studied were Daniel and Esther; Alexander’s specific chapters in Daniel 4,6, and 7 with backup chapters Esther 1-4 and Daniel chapter 8.

He delved right in to Daniel, creating a fantastic Lego stop-motion video for chapter 7 (and Later Esther 2). With the help of friends he got into making recordings of the chapters which we listened to endlessly in the car. Though we didn’t make too many, we enjoyed the songs others created to help put the verses to memory, and even Aidan joined in the fun making a recording for Daniel chapter 8 with Muma. We played charades to act out the verses, Grandpapa called Alex to quiz him almost every day, he read his chapters for his morning worship, and listened to some of the songs at night in his bed. He and Aidan both had the chapters memorized and could practically recite them on cue. Even Lucas had parts of Daniel 6 memorized.

Perhaps what he liked best about the Experience was sharing it with friends. We had a PBE game/quiz night with the parents. We “celebrated” Purim all together as it’s discussed in the book of Esther. After potluck, the kids would put together their own PBE practice testing where even the younger siblings got involved. And, of course, a favorite weekly event were the team Zoom face-conference calls to keep everyone on their toes. Alex loved his teammates, and both teams had a great camaraderie and positive, encouraging dynamic.

Through friendship, faithful and diligent study, and with great thanks for the Wisdom sent from above, both teams passed each level of testing and advanced to the North American Division level testing in Hawthorne, Florida. What an adventure! From circle hand-slapping games, to dynamic speakers, long lunch-lines and evening pizza, to closed! island fort visits, smoothies, and midnight roof-top swims, Alex and the friends were in their bliss. They had hidden the Word of God in their hearts and were blessed by its instruction and buddies to share it with, and the seal of a first place finish was almost an afterthought.

We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such sweet God-fearing families. They are an indescribable inspiration and encouragement to us, and seeing the joy on these kiddos faces when they get to spend any bit of fellowship together makes us parents pretty happy too.

Better than all the friendship of the world is the friendship of Christ’s redeemed. The warmth of true friendship, the love that binds heart to heart, is a foretaste of the joys of heaven.

The Faith I Live By p.234

Perhaps greater still is seeing Alexander (and his brothers) delight in the Word of God, and learn that studying scripture can be fun and fulfilling. Opening the Word for himself, and watching his eyes light up when he can identify with a sermon he’s listening to, or generate texts to match a situation he’s in, warms these parents’ hearts like few things can. We pray that amongst their closest friends, or alone in the world Alex, all of these sweet young people, will continue to turn to the Bible as a source of strength, joy, and instruction. May the Lord bless and continue to equip these young friends for His work and for the Amazing Experience of an adventure with Jesus both on this earth and in the ages to come.