League Team and Ninja Stars- the Gymnastics Journey continues

This season we have two gymnasts on gymnastics teams.  Alex continues with his third year on the League Team, and Aidan joins the Ninja Stars for his first year of competitive gymnastics.  Alex is competing level 4 and 5 routines, and Aidan’s pre-team routines are really coming together as well.  We praise the Lord that coach Kurtis and Gym America have been so gracious in their flexibility with our Sabbath-keeping and while most of Aidan’s meets would be on a Saturday, they’ve allowed Aidan to compete on a couple Sunday meets with the League team!  Aidan was so excited to be on the team this year.  He rose to the occasion being confident and meticulous in his routines throughout the competition, and was awarded with all blue and red ribbons!  He was a little disappointed with the red ones, He’s working on his form- straight legs, pointed toes in his skills like cartwheels, pull-overs on bars, getting a full-circle on the mushroom, and strength-skills on p-bars and rings.  He says that his favorite event is floor.

Alex is super pleased to have finally mastered his roundoff-back-handspring!  And we’re excited for him as well.  He’s getting pretty close to his kip on bar, his front tuck, and does a nice flyaway on rings, and three full circles on mushroom.  It’s been a huge time (and driving) commitment, but it’s fun to see the boys excel and continue to build their strength and skills.  We’re also hoping that perhaps they’re learning a little perseverance and team spirit as well.  May God continue to guide and strengthen our boys both in body and in character as they grow in Him!


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