Happy Birthday Lukie!

SEVEN? Impossible!  Do we say that every year?  This year was a ‘no-party’ year but somehow we manage to pull off some pretty delightful festivities.  Grammy and Grampapa and Nana came over for a yummy panda bear Funfetti cake and some sweet gifts.  Lukie also requested to take some bear cupcakes to school, so on Friday during the school (pajama) Christmas party, we all got to sing and eat (more!) yums with the friends.

Lucas at six has been just a delight in our home.  He is bubbly and chatty.  He has something to say about everything!  He is helpful and always so thoughtful of others.  He notices what they need and is happy to bring it whether it’s a drink, or planning a special gift.  Lucas likes to chat and visit with his favorite people at church, and is taking the initiative to run our Sabbath School sound.  He’s faithful (though still needs some reminding) about his home chores, and is a happy helper… most of the time :).  His favorite toys are still Paw Patrol and Duplo, but he’s becoming more and more involved with Lego.  He’s come up with some pretty neat creations of his own, but still prefers to play with them rather than build.  He loves sledding, and riding his bike, playing Monopoly or chess, loves cute little animals, Lulu his favorite kitty and his hamster Chewey (even if Muma does most of the work).  He says that when he grows up he wants to work with Papa at Andersen, and when Papa’s done working he wants to work at Pet Smart.  Maybe so, Lukie- maybe so…

We’re excited to see what seven will bring for the baby of our family.  For now this Muma is still excited to have Lukie crawl into bed for a cuddle or be held (still!) for extra long hugs.  His conversation is often so mature, and his sense of humor makes the whole family laugh and it’s fun watching him develop his personality and kind character.  But it’s also fun to still have a little guy around… even if it’s not for too much longer.

May God bless you sweet, Lukie!  May you always be a light to shine for Him!