T’was the Season!

What an amazing Holiday season we’ve had this year!  My phone began to make this little video and I tried to add as many pictures as it would permit  and it still left some out!  As the boys get older, and our seasons get busier we try to enjoy as many mini-moments as we can.  Yes, I think we ate way too many treats this season (as evidenced throughout this video & which prompted our January sugar-fast), but we also had a warm and happy house full of friends and family throughout the season.  Even though December didn’t bring us too much snow (much to Lukie’s dismay) we can’t help but be thankful for safe roads for all.  We’re so thankful for all God’s mighty blessings in 2018 and look forward to his leading in all the new adventures of 2019!


One thought on “T’was the Season!

  1. What a great collection of memories! Will have to watch it again in stop action for a closer look. So many special times wrapped up beautifully, Serena! ❤️‼️

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