Happy 10th Birthday, Sir Aidan!

This was an amazing birthday for an amazing boy! Ten is a pretty special number and so for his 10th birthday, Aidan chose to invite the citizens of the School and Adventurer realm to his palace for some festivities.

The citizens of the realm came valiantly arrayed in their choice garments for feasting and fun. Sir Alexander hosted a contest whereupon lords and ladies must cook a concoction approved upon by sir Aidan and present a bit of entertainment for his lordship to judge. The losing team was immediately (after their final meal of cake and ice cream, of course) thrown into the dungeon. But this brilliant crew was able to solve the puzzles (of the escape room), find the key and make their escape for more festivities, ziplining and birthday celebrations. Not to worry, the winning team also was permitted their turn in the dungeon, much to their delight.

So withouth further ado… We all know pictures speak louder than words! Enjoy this gallery viewing here.