Love You to the Quasars… and back.

How can our tiniest little one be eight years old? He is joyful and bubbly, a little mischievous and a magnificent negotiator. He is thoughtful of others but as antagonistic as a little brother can be. He is bright, full of questions and ideas, and has a brilliant mind soaking up all the scripture and stories that his two older brothers are meticulously studying. He makes us all smile and warms our hearts with his (still) snuggly spirit, though never turns-down a good sock-war or wrestling session with Papa.

This boy with space ship and space gear is so ready to celebrate his 8th birthday..

We were delighted to throw him a stellar space birthday this year starting off with morning breakfast and family gifts (Playmobil space rocket of course). Then we took ice cream sundaes, goodie bags and a rocket piñata to school to celebrate with friends. None of the boys have had a piñata before, so this was something fun and new for them. It was fun to celebrate with school friends and treat them all to something yummy. Even Nana was able to join in the fun.

We wrapped up the celebrations with a Sunday party with grandparents in a galactic dining room. Muma hand-painted paper lanterns as planets danging from the ceiling. We brought the fun balloons from the school party and strung sparkly banners. The table shimmered with favorite hand-picked place settings, and Alexander created an awesome rocket out of cardboard and a lamp-shade! For the cake, Lukie and Aidan helped make the fondant planets (it’s a lot like Play-Doh) for the cake and yes- got a little carried away. We tried some swirly galactic frosting over Mama’s first two-tiered project. For the meal, we had make your own star-shaped pizzas, though a lot of the grown-ups decided to go with moons and planet-shaped pizzas. Lukie picked out his favorite veggies with asparagus, and we tossed in a chopped salad. There was sparkle jello, and space-blue Hawaiian punch. After a round of gifts of space Lego, Castle & Knight Catan and more it was time for a perfect cuddle night on the couch…

Happy Happy Birthday, Sweet Lucas! We can’t wait to take that journey with you through the galaxies of Orion and beyond to our Heavenly home among the stars!