little 6 month delight

Alexander turned six months old last week and has been delighting us with new little tricks and treats almost every other day:

He’s sitting up to play quite regularly the past couple of weeks and can almost pull himself to sitting by striking this little GQ relaxy pose- reclining on his side and elbow and flashing his little debonair smile. (we have yet to capture it perfectly on film).

He’s discovered he can make the funny raspberry thing with his lips, though it’s a bit more like spitting than the cute little sound mama does to make him laugh– and it’s not so fun to be the showered recipient of his little game at point-blank range.

He’s almost got the crawling thing down- hand-knee-hand…splat. He goes in spurts and still seems to find it faster to scootch than go through the effort to crawl.

When he’s sad, or tired- he’ll scootch/crawl right over to you and snuggle in your lap or look to be picked up- priceless! Just warms Mummy’s heart!

He can pull himself to standing on certain low/stable enough objects, and can hold himself standing on the ottoman- especially. The piano bench, we learned is not a good support. When he gets excited, he usually ends up bonking his head, and the ottoman is a much softer landing.

His favorite new toy is a spoon and a cereal canister- one side metal (clang clang), one side plastic (dunk dunk)- we prefer the later. Quite the little drummer he’s becoming!

He is the most active, enthusiastic little bundle of joy we’ve ever seen in such a six month package- we just love him so very much. He has such a personality and tonight we definitely heard “mama” when he was fussy waiting for dinner! 🙂 Mama dropped everything for hugs, snuggles, teary-eyed kisses and yes eventually… finally… food =) Simply precious, this one is!

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  1. Serena and David- Alexander is way too adorable. You guys have such a treasure. Thanks for all your blogging. I love it! Keep us updated, for sure.

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