My Buddies ‘n Me

David and Alexander hang out with the Mommies at Starbucks

Alexander’s smiles and enthusiasm are certainly a delight- his little joy is quite contagious, and he seems to brighten the day wherever he goes. Social skills on the other hand- those with tykes his own size- could use a bit of improvement. Alexander’s been visiting with his birthday buddy- David, and little friend from church- Payton. He gets so excited to see his little friends he seems to overwhelm them with his giggles, grabbing, flapping, and ferocious teeth (yes, he has two of them!). He came scooting after little David with arms outstretched and open mouth- David must have thought he was going to be lunch! He got back at him by stealing Alexander’s binky. But Alexander’s a quick learner. When Payton tried the same, he chomped down and rolled to the right for a quick getaway. It’s been fun to watch them interact together. Alex does eventually calm down enough to get in some good conversation, shake hands and make-up. It will be fun to watch them grow up together.

It’s a race to the book!      
“Your tiger-style will not defeat my dragon-style!”    “wish I had some more

of that hair stuff!”       

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  1. Friends learn with other friends – what to do and what not to do. A great example of kids learning to socialize, at an early age!

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