“Yummmm… I love carrots!” Said Alexander to Mama and Papa after his first bite of the squash-tasting puree. (Yes we had to try it too, right after a healthy portion of Dutch Apple Desert.) In spite of the fact that carrots probably stain, Alexander still found himself orange-faced at the end of his meal. “At least it’s better than that cereal stuff.” He concluded. ‘What comes next? Can I have a cookie?”

*translation provided

3 thoughts on “Carrots!

  1. Yeah, maybe some orange on his face and his bib…and elsewhere, later…He is enjoying the good foods of life! More carrots!

  2. Looks like pure delight on Alexander’s part :), Oh, the fun and bliss of F O O D, wait til he starts feeding himself 🙂 gma, gpa

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