Aidan on Two Feet

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We’ve got a new little bi-ped in the house!    We’re so excited to have Aidan finally toddling about the house.  But I don’t think there’s any more pleased than he.  He was already trying to keep up with the older boys at Sabbath Vespers, but mostly is just loving his new perspective on the world and discovering all the new mischief he can get into (like opening and closing, opening and closing all the doors…) What fun!  Congratulations, Aidan, on your fancy footwork!

One thought on “Aidan on Two Feet

  1. Love the music / video clip and pics. Aidan has such expressive expresions. What a wonder and blessing he brings to our lives. . . you(s) are just so doubly blessed with the two precious sons a true gift of our Lord

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