While you wait…

Since we haven’t been busy at all.. and you have all been so patiently waiting for very overdue updates, here’s a couple treats to bide your time…

and a sneakpeak at the upcoming (back) blogs

  • One Year for Aidan *up*
  • Portraiture
  • When “Boomer” entered our World *up*
  • The Big Loop *UP*
  • Aidan on Two Feet *up*

Thanks for your patience.  I’ll try and get the kiddos to sleep until the weekend and I should be able to get them done 🙂

3 thoughts on “While you wait…

  1. Oh how delightfully cute!!! Bet he could of played with your keys til the battery wore out 🙂 He seemed to figure out that his button pushing was getting the ‘beep’ effect. His return “beep” is just too precious. . . really love these blog clips. love to all gma, gpapa

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