Little Tiger on the Town

Friday we headed down to the A2 Summer Festival for a little fun and face painting, and came home with a little tiger.  It was a fun little jaunt.  Alexander actually followed through with the painting, and was pretty pleased with his transformation.  He got lots of gawks and ‘aww’s and even a couple return growls from the occasional passerby.  But in the end, we were happy to have our little boy back by bedtime.

2 thoughts on “Little Tiger on the Town

  1. SO FUN when the cutest little tiger appeared at the door on Friday!! He really did look awesome!!
    I like the wide pictures Serena – captures more of the feel of the event. Maybe try some for the art fairs.
    Very nice Fathers’ Day for a great Papa today. Thank you, Father of all, for the blessings of each day – family and friends and Your guiding love.

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