Return to Wiard’s 2010

With many thanks to RbA, we enjoyed another festive fall day at Wiards to welcome the season in full fall style. It was a pretty cold start- strong ‘freezing’ winds and barely any sun. And though Aidan was a bit snuggly and shivery (he also hadn’t had his morning nap), the cold didn’t do too much to deter Alexander’s real little boy enthusiasm. Even Papa was complaining more than Alex! :). In spite of it all, Alex and Papa enjoyed a couple ‘big slides,’ and even the boys’ very first pony ride. (Aidan only lasted about 10 seconds). Alexander actually seemed to like it- with Papa beside him of course. We escaped some wind in the labyrinth and eventually made our way out, and re-visited our favorite wooden train much to smiles and climbing by both boys. By the time lunch was about half way through, the sun made it’s appearance, and Papa even took his jacket off. It made for a great afternoon of hula-hooping, castle climbing (Alex could slide down the pole all by himself! He was so proud), and firetruck riding (we rode twice, both times Alex just all a-twitter about ‘Sparky’ the dog riding with us. Even little Aidan perked up to ride the tractor-tricycles, and was all tears to have to leave them. David had to scoot away for an appointment, but our little crew finished up the day with two boys in super grins jumping away to their hearts’ content in the big Noah’s ark. And though Aidan finally met his snoozies on the way to get donuts and cider, Alex and Muma topped off the day with nothing less than apple and cinnamon goodness. The boys’ nearly 3 hour nap afterwards was a pretty nice finish too. Hooray for fall!

click here for a little photo gallery of the day.

2 thoughts on “Return to Wiard’s 2010

  1. LOVE all the pics, especially Aidan in room near fire pole = what a cute pic & Alex with donut. 🙂

  2. sounds like a wonderfully fun time for all. . .look forward to when can click on photo gallery to see all the pics. love to all grammy, gpapa

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