Three Cedars Farm

This Sunday, we took a little jaunt to check out Three Cedars Farm.  We drive by it on the way to church, and with good reviews from a couple of friends, I was curious to check it out.  It turned out to be a surprisingly delightful afternoon, with tons to do for the kiddos and fall festivities all around.  Alexander was especially excited about the hay ride, and Aidan was especially excited about the tractor pulling us.  We rounded out the excursion with cider and donuts of course, and a bright orange pumpkin to take home with us.  Hooray for fall!

3 thoughts on “Three Cedars Farm

  1. Looking at pictures a year later, it’s like they are 2 different boys! How they have changed! Yet both so full of love and laughter!

  2. It was such a fun fall day with everything perfect! The corn kernel sandbox and wooden train with several cars to climb over and through were big hits as well. Aidan was not the least hesitant moving through the bigger kids on the train car – just pure delight. Alex also liked jumping off the small haystacks, dinging the bell on the train, and they both enjoyed the trike-tractors. Nana enjoyed all of it and trying to catch two lively little ones in photos.

  3. WOW!!! what a great looking place. . .even the weather cooperated for ya’s sunny and much warmer 🙂 Pics are great boys, nana, mama all look to be having a fallbulous time. . . love to all grammy/gpapa

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