In the glow of Three-and-a-Half

Wow little Alex!  Three has been such a fun age, and here we are in the heart of it, looking at four just around the corner.  Our minds are just in a tizzy wondering where time has flown.  Alex has been just a-glow at three years old.  Oh what a joy, to have this little sunbeam in our home.

2 thoughts on “In the glow of Three-and-a-Half

  1. Double AMEN to that!!!, When I show pics of boys at work and they comment on how cute they look I can’t be humble and just say thanks, have to say yes and you can’t believe how bright/cheery/goodnatured and GOD loving they are as well at such a young age. . . I brag on and on. Love every moment of time spent with A2 and learn so much from them in the process. . . love to all

  2. Amen to that!!! It’s such a delight just being around this cheery, caring, inquisitive, creative bubble of energy. God has blessed you with two little wonders.

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