December First… Snow, Carollers, and Mini-Tree

Today was a very good day.  We woke up this morning to the first snow of the season, and though it didn’t last through the day, it had covered the grass with a ‘sheet’ (certainly not a blanket) of white to remind the little ones of the wint’ries to come.  We wrapped two presents today, and spent some quality time in the basement playing sleigh bells/carolers who knocked at François’ house, sang a song or two, sometimes brought a present, and then stayed for the Christmas party.  (Once Aidan brought Connect 4×4, another time, Elefun)  Aidan likes to knock at the door, be wholeheratedly greeted and welcomed in, sit for a minute, then depart with a cheery “bye!”  only to return on his car with another knock moments later.  Alexander has been decorating his house with his own creative “Christmas decorations” since the weekend.  Then, on a whim he ‘packs them up for summer’  Only to take them out again at whatever time he specifies that he will tell us.

The kiddos also watched the Cedarmont Kids sing some Christmas song while I worked on sewing Alexander’s Wiseman Cape for his Sabbath School class (so he doesn’t have to use blankets anymore, he says).  After a little while Aidan hopped down to spend his usual quality time with the  train– pushing it around the track, or running the “troller” to have the train pull his lava rock around the track, and switching out the ‘guy!! guy!!’ to drive or ride on the rock.

Today, Aidan also brought big smiles to Muma’s heart as he took up the “Sabbath School Teacher’s Bench.”  He rather clumsily flipped brother’s cards to a couple of pages and shyly told us what he saw, and Alexander and I burst out into the corresponding Sabbath School song.  Then, oh, Aidan would smile! so excitedly to get his point across and begin fingering for another page to turn to.  We probably did only about 4-5 songs, but both Alexander and I were pleased to see him take a turn.  AND, though we’re still working on coming right away when Muma calls, Aidan consciously made a very good decision today. And though it seems trite– to watch him after bopping Brother a couple of times on the head quite harshly (he was laughing and wanting to instigate play), stop…hand raised in the air, listen to my voice, watch him register my words, the situation, and make a good decision to lay his hand gently on Brother’s head– it was a beautiful moment today.  Then for all of our smiles, he bends down, peeks up into Alexander’s face and says “Okay?” as if to ask him if that was, or maybe he was all right.  “Yes, Aidan” says Alexander in his big brotherly voice, “That’s okay.  That’s gentle.  You can do that.”…

We ended the day with bath-time and as Papa came home Alexander went to spend some time with him.  So Aidan and I took a long casual story and worship time with extra songs and rocking at the end.  Alexander got to stay up for a special treat this evening (he slept 3+hours today at nap) and was just so excited to finally get to decorate the little tree ‘just his size’ that we’d set up in the classroom.  He carefully helped wrap the garland, and hung all the ornaments sometimes too close to each other, or backwards, and mostly in the front.  And though we guided him a little bit, he was just having so much fun in his beyond-his-years mature little way.  But he was so excited and proud of himself.  We finished the event with a slice of Nana’s pumpkin bread, and later worship with the Shepherds and Temple chapters of his new favorite Christmas story.

This was our day- a wonderfully good one after a rough weekend.  Just the long story, the dodido of this festive season.  though only one word is needed I’m sure.  blessed.

2 thoughts on “December First… Snow, Carollers, and Mini-Tree

  1. Hey, Alex! I love your little tree! You did a great job on the decorations; I can hardly wait to see it! And Aidan, I smiled a big smile when I read how you are learning to listen and obey and be kind to Alex. You boys are so blessed to have each other to play with and be buddies; and also to have such a great Muma and Papa to take care of you and teach you. Christmas is a fun time especially when we remember how little baby Jesus came to us because he loved us SO much. Nana is so thankful to share this time with you all. I love you lots and lots and lots and lots and …..!!!

  2. This is like WOW GREAT to read and see and share with yas. Boys are really bonding tight as brothers/buddies. . .think this is such a special time. . .Aidan is such a marvel at all he is doing/saying/trying and Alex such a blessing of a big brother showing him the way, sharing and even ‘teaching’ Aidan. . .God has surely blessed us all with these two delights. Will now be logging in daily to get the latest scoop. (I even beat gpapa to this one 🙂

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