Project 31

Being such a delinquent blogger (I mean what else do we have going on here… haha!) I have taken on a little project to catch up on the tiny moments in our home during the magic of the season.  Maybe the little lights in life will be less intimidating than spending hours on  the bonfires :).  There’s a new little page tab at the top called 31 Delights of December, where I hope to post a little pic in our ScrappyAdventCalendar, and maybe a couple notes about our day.  If there’s more to say, or irrisistible pics- we’ll do a post, but you can check out our 31 Delights of December, which I can tell already will turn out to be maybe more like 301 +.  God is good!  Happy Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Project 31

  1. Didn’t realize that comments were able to be entered, but just wanted to make mine known ==== we really really enjoyed each and every day we read about. Seems you had / did so many fun/creative memories the 31 days of Dec. Realize it takes quite a bit of time to post and upload each of them, but know grammy and granpapa read and re-read them often. You are extremely creative Serena. Hope a lot of it shows up in each Alex and Aidan. . . love to all

  2. Thank you, Serena. This has been such a delightful way of sharing the festive memories of the month with the family! It’s been like a beautifully decorated frosting to top off the year. Love and hugs to you and all.

  3. It’s so delightful decorating midst the wonder, excitement, and helping hands of the boys. We watched a Christmas carol kids’ video complete with a “real baby” for Jesus in the nativity, listened to a children’s Christmas song CD; read holiday books and others; made red and green finger jello molds with stirring help from Alex; played Christmas Sabbath School with special decorations from Alex, watched the skaters go round with Aidan and laughed so merrily with him shining the blue key chain light in our mouths. Alex could hardly contain himself delving into the different boxes of decorations, yet being ever so careful – especially of ‘glass ornaments’. We decorated three small tabletop trees – one being very simple for their room. Waiting for dark and for Muma and Papa to see the Santa village all lit up after our teamwork effort was the afternoon anticipation. Aidan was interested in spite of his teething – he certainly loves books and vehicles and walking in big brother’s shoes. Wonderful day! Nana even marvels at the modern restaurant distractions; I used to take books and a few toys for Serena: Aidan wants to see the Noah video on the phone. =) Old traditions, new innovations – love still abounds.

  4. This is such an awesome idea!! It’s special with it being all new for Aidan. He and Alex are certainly getting a rich exposure to the delights of the season. Your activities for them are so creative, Serena! And thank-you for sharing these wonderful memories so creatively. Love and hugs to all.

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